Everything you need to know about an ad campaign on Twitch

Everything you need to know about an ad campaign on Twitch

In recent years, an unknown Twitch has become increasingly important due to the impact of live and delayed videos from numerous well-known streamers.

However, there are still many companies that do not know how to run an advertising campaign on Twitch and obtain benefits thanks to this streaming platform that does not stop growing.

So I’m going to explain to you how you can make profits for your business thanks to Twitch Ads.

How can you make a profit with Twitch?

More than 15 million daily active users on this video platform and still many companies do not know how they can carry out an advertising campaign on Twitch to obtain benefits from those streamers that capture the attention of millions of users in each of their connections.

However, there are already many brands that have taken advantage of the pull of this platform, which currently has low saturation, to sponsor through different channels, but have you heard of Twitch Ads?

➡ How to take advantage of your business through Twitch Ads

There are several ways to run an advertising campaign on Twitch. The first thing you should know is that there are two main formats that will allow you to place your advertisements in a very similar way to other platforms. These formats are video and display ads.

Running an ad campaign on Twitch is a perfect opportunity to have a direct conversation with your different audiences. For this reason, you should not lose sight of who are the main users of this streaming platform, since you will have to impact them in one way or another according to their interests.


🔹 Video Ads on Twitch

If you choose to make a advertising campaign on Twitch with a video format, you have several alternatives. On the one hand, you can position your ad in live broadcasts visible on any device through what is known as Cross Screen Vídeo, Or, position your video ads only to be visible on mobile devices.

🔹 Display ads on Twitch

In the event that you prefer display ads to carry out your advertising campaign on Twitch, you should know that through this type of ads you can show banners O videos who have the option to configure as carousels and located in various locations, such as the channel or game directory.

Featured advertising strategies on Twitch

Previously, we commented that it is essential for you, as a company, to know who the main users are to adapt your advertising campaign on Twitch to this audience.

In general, the main audience of this streaming platform are young millennials and zentennials, especially men, fans of the world of sports. Until now, this was one of the most difficult targets to reach.

Today, there are great advertising strategies that are succeeding among these young people: the influencing marketing and the branded content.

➡ Influencing Marketing

The combination of the video format with influencer marketing is highly effective if you want to convert the viewers of these streaming videos into customers.

Employing this type of marketing for your advertising campaign on Twitch can guarantee absolute success because supposes the combination of one of the formats that generates a greater engagement with a form of marketing that today is one of those that generates the greatest credibility for young people (what the influencers say “goes to mass”).

However, you will have to go through a rigorous and careful selection process to choose your influencers or streamers. Not all candidates will be eligible to promote your brand. You should only select those who identify with your values ​​if you really want to obtain good results.

Once you find the perfect candidate, the process will be very simple. You can choose to place your brand in a live broadcast of the candidate, or, if you are not interested in affiliating with a single influencer, there is the option to carry out commercials of the pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll type.


➡ Branded content: create content for your brand

If there’s one good thing about Twitch, it’s that you can become a true content creator for your brand within this platform. To do this, you just have to create an account and start broadcasting!

If your brand has a certain recognition, it will be easier for you to start generating an audience, but the important thing is that the content you create is creative and of course attractive, thus encouraging users to interact with your brand.

This attractive content will allow you not only to grow as a brand on Twitch, but your followers will begin to increase in your different social networks and to interact with each of your publications. Everything will depend on how original you are.

You should not lose sight of the fact that generating attractive content will help the results of your advertising campaign on Twitch to be positive, since users will have previously been attracted by your brand and the actions you have carried out via social networks.

Why is Twitch having such an impact?

If we are sure of something in NeoAttack, it is that the audiences of this platform do not stop growing and this is the perfect opportunity to carry out advertising campaigns on Twitch.

Only in the first quarter of 2021 has there been a 16.5% audience growth, reaching 6,300 million hours viewed compared to 1,370 million of other platforms such as YouTube Gaming. What’s more, Twitch accounts for 72.3% of the market.

These data are due to the great impact that broadcasts from organizations and public figures of great interest have had on users. In fact, we will see on Twitch broadcasts of Formula 1 games, NBA and LaLiga Santader events commented by Ibai Llanos, to videos of the great Broncano playing GTA.

After getting here, don’t you think it’s time to create a profile, define a clear strategy and start running advertising campaigns on Twitch to make your business profitable?

At NeoAttack we are ready to carry out all your ideas. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us!

Fill in our Contact Form or write to us info@neoattack.com and we will design the best strategy to make your business profitable.

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