End of April with a turnover of 50k on Amazon

End of April with a turnover of 50k on Amazon

Anyone who reads this blog frequently always remembers that the target was 100,000 for April. This time, we have come a long way from reaching the proposed figures.

Being 50% below the target should be more disappointing. In fact, I am not, because I finally understand better the figures reached in March. Germany was the country that achieved a higher turnover in March than the total we are seeing now in April. The explanation is simple. At Easter, people have started in recent years to give bigger and bigger gifts to their children. In the German tradition, the Easter bunny brings eggs to children. In 2021, he’s also bringing Lego, books, Barbies, and other toys apparently.

Replenish stock for better months

When I set the target for April, I did it without having that context. If we keep the effect of Easter, April was a regular month that slightly exceeds February, but only because it has more days. The advantage of April was that we were able to reinvest a large part of the cash generated in new goods at a good price. The warehouses are full again. We are ready to face a further increase in demand. Honestly, I don’t think we can repeat March numbers until we get to October. Obviously I’m going to ignore it and we’ll go anyway.

One thing we’ve been doing well lately is identifying new products that bring us sales every day. This helps us to diversify better and increase daily turnover. The effect is not very high if you only look at the figures of a product, but in short and throughout the month the effect is noticeable.

Disappointing Pokémon, Funkos and PEZ on the tail

Pokemon this month is disappointing. It is also true that the boom with the huge demand of recent months is already reversing. In some cases, the prices of graduated cards have fallen significantly. This is a normal development because in any market, what is increasing also requires a recovery phase. I take advantage of this phase through purchases. I continue to trust this segment for the long term. It’s a relatively young hobby at only 25 years old. He’ll be there for at least 25 more years or that’s my bet.

We have also invested in Funkos and PEZ products that are not yet for sale on Amazon. This is one more option to keep billing a little more each day. If I have learned and / or reconfirmed one thing in the past 6 years, it is this. It’s not about having a product that generates huge sales, but a lot of them are basically making the big ball. I am aware that there are many sellers on Amazon who are as successful and more successful than us with 1-2 products. Everyone has their own philosophy. Mine is that what you do in a day doesn’t count but throughout the year or even better in a decade. Few people are able to act for such long terms because they don’t have the patience and they think things should be faster. I know they are not.

Stay tuned.


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