Does link building affect local SEO?

Does link building affect local SEO?

The Local SEO increases conversions.

Any business that has a website wants to be visible online. There are various ways to promote their platform to attract new customers or simply to work on brand awareness. This article explains whether or not link building really affects local SEO.

To begin with, here are the definitions of the two concepts that we want to highlight, namely link building and local SEO. When these two terms are combined, they have a positive influence on a business’s SEO.

The link building

Link building encompasses various techniques for building links for a website. Several advantages result from this, such as an improvement in the position in the search engines.

Local SEO

The local SEO is the set of techniques used to improve the visibility of your website locally, that is, in the same city or region where your business is located.

Is local SEO important for link building?

The answer is Yes! When Internet users search on search engines, they ideally want to find a business near them. As a result, they feel more confident buying for a local business. By creating quality links on your website, the platform will be able to stand out from other competitors located nearby. On the Google side, it will favor the companies that are the closest to it geographically while answering the query. This is a factor that facilitates the search for the client.

Local SEO creates more conversions

By putting effort into local SEO link building, your business improves its chances of driving more conversions. This is because people are more likely to visit a website or buy from a local business that meets their needs.

The techniques below are the most important to perform in order for your website to get good local SEO.

1. Claim your listing Google my business

It is important for a business to claim their Google My Business account. This technique can dramatically improve local SEO while creating a quality link that points to your website. When people search Google (the world’s most popular search engine), they carefully view the listing because it allows them to quickly locate your company.

2. Create links in local directories

Linking in local directories helps improve the visibility of your website. First of all, check what the quality score of the local directory is with a website authority checker tool like the one offered by Ahref. If the quality score is over 30, you can submit your site information. Remember to submit a catchy title and a meta description that contains sound keywords.


So, it is important to work on the local SEO of your business by creating meaningful links. Your website will benefit when local customers search online.

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