Discover the top 6 reasons now

Discover the top 6 reasons now

Before you know How to create a website, it is important to understand the reasons that justify this approach. After all, why have a website For Your Business ? In a period when digital transformation facilitates access to the Internet, not having an online channel to communicate can be a serious mistake.

Even if you don’t use it to sell, for example, your brand needs to be present in the digital environment, either to bolster your business credibility or to facilitate the user experience when finding information about your business. business. All this, without having to make big investments to have a beautiful and reliable website.

However, many managers are still afraid to invest the time and resources to create a website. With that in mind, we have prepared a comprehensive article in which we will cover the following topics:

Are we going to initiate the changes in your business? Keep reading this content and understand why having a website for your brand. Let’s go on!

How did the Internet develop?

The Internet is more and more present in the daily life of Mexicans. According to 15th edition of the Study on Internet user habits in Mexico 2019, prepared by the Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI), in Mexico there are 82.7 million users, this translates into a 71% penetration in the population.

The profile managed by Internet users in the socio-economic segment has maintained a growth of 5% over the past 2 years. And 59% of users have been using the tool for at least 8 years; being the average of 7 years of Internet browsing by Mexican Internet users.

67% perceive that they are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day. In 2019, Internet users spent an average of 8 hours and 20 minutes per day, which is 8 minutes more than in 2018.

TV without network access lost 40 minutes compared to 2018, reaching 2 hours and 20 minutes per day.

Among the most used connection devices are:

  • Smartphone: 71%;
  • Portable: 52%;
  • Tablet: 41%;
  • computer: 30%.

14% of Internet users have made a purchase online, by interacting with online advertising.

One last impressive detail? Users spend 31% of their time connected to a social network, so using ads is a great option to increase conversion rate and achieve strong sales flows.

Why be on the Internet?

The correct question, in fact, is “why isn’t your business online yet?” With all the numbers we have previously captured, It is a mistake not to place your brand in the main channels of the network. Your store does not intend to sell online? No problem, however, that is not a valid justification for not building a website and being present on digital platforms.

Say a customer walks past your physical store, but doesn’t have time to stop and look at the products. The next day, a Saturday, he wanted to buy an item that is a specialty of your business, but the address was a bit far from his home; I just wanted to be sure I found the store open. How could you get this information?

I did a google search and surprisingly no results came up. Not even a contact phone was displayed on the search pages. If in doubt, went to the mall and bought the same product from your competitor. Have you ever thought about how many sales you can lose just by not providing a reliable website with the most important information about your business?

More than a space to open a e-commerceFor example, having a website is essential in order to be able to communicate with your target audience. What are the official contact channels? What products are available in the catalog or even the opening hours and address? Collecting this information on a nice, trustworthy website is a great way to strengthen your brand’s reputation.

What are the main reasons for having a website?

Still not convinced? Come to think of it, we’ve listed the top 6 reasons why you put your doubts aside and build a website for your business. We will continue!

1. Have a digital business card

When we develop a website, we are actually creating a digital business card. After all, it is through him that the customer can get more information about our company and verify the relevant information about the company. What products are sold? What is your speciality? All of this must be present on the site.

The idea is that this way users can identify with and humanize the way they see your brand. A beautiful website is as valuable as a business card in the 70s and 80s. It is the first point of contact and, as the saying goes, the first impression is, in fact, what remains. Wrong design the Web Yes a negative experience can end up scaring off a potential customer.

2. Build your credibility

The website is also a way to build credibility for your brand. The user gets to understand who the people behind the business are, the way operations are conducted, in short, it’s a way of presenting the business. A well-made website sends the message of seriousness and concern for the minimum experiences that the user can have with the service.

Additionally, the consumer can feel much more secure when they realize that this is a well-maintained page. Especially for someone who does not yet know the company, it is a way of being present. A simple Google search and your website is the first to appear? It means becoming an authority and a benchmark in the field, giving it more credibility.

3. Be easy to find

An organization should also strive to appear in the market. There is no more room to hide in a scenario of so much competition for users’ attention and resources. By creating a website, we make it easier for a potential consumer to find multiple contact channels and continue their buying process, for example.

Have you ever thought about losing a sale because the customer couldn’t find a contact channel to answer a question about a product in the catalog? This can happen by not centralizing all the information in a single address. In times of high skill, it is important not to let the customer look for other options.

4. 24 hour online presence

When your brand has a website, it means that it is there for the public 24/7. By adding a chatbot, for example, the user can have a contact even outside working hours. of your team. It is a way to offer more comfort and improve the experience of each visitor.

5. Strengthen the brand

A well-developed website also becomes a way to strengthen your brand. The term says Brand awareness it is enhanced by providing visitors with a positive experience on your pages. As we said, credibility is enhanced by a quality page and this is reflected in the strength of your brand in the market.

6. Provide excellent cost-benefit ratio

In addition, profitability is another attraction for your business to build a website. After all, you don’t have to make a lot of financial investments to have a quality page. This way, even without hurting your budget, you can deliver a satisfying user experience while enjoying all of the benefits listed above.

How to make a website?

Now that you know why to have a website, how about figuring out how to build one from scratch? What are the steps to follow ? We list the most important topics when creating a page for your brand. Don’t stop reading!

Register your domain

The first step is simple: register your website domain and make sure the name has not been registered by another user. Did you pass this step without a problem? Excellent, choose the option you like the most and register to protect the address.

Host your website

Additionally, you need to have a hosting service to make sure your website is live. There are free options, but they can cause the page performance to drop significantly. Therefore, the best option is to invest in plans that guarantee better website performance.

Create your page

After the bureaucratic part, it’s time for creativity: it’s time to create your page. To do this, you need to find a website builder, which may even be free, like Google Sites or Wix. However, it is best not to use these tools so as not to lose domain authority, which can affect ranking in Google searches, for example.

How can a specialist company help you?

It is not always possible to have the time or the experience to create a website, right? After all, how do you decide between one design or the other? Which button speaks best to the audience and is most likely to generate conversions? All of the above require analysis and study that you may not be able to do on your own. Better than trying to be independent is to seek help from those who understand the subject.

So, look for a specialized company to optimize all these steps and ensure that the public can access a quality website. From domain registration work to page design and layout, everything can be done by a team of trained professionals. Therefore, the tendency is for the website to be, in fact, effective in achieving the goals.

Even if this represents the need for an initial investment, it is better to create a quality page than to build a website just to do it. This is a mistake that can cost your brand’s reputation dearly. After all, what customer will trust an unconfigured website that won’t load on the mobile version and has poor navigability? Asking for help is always the best solution.

In a highly competitive scenario, it is increasingly important to strengthen the brand’s online presence. In addition to all the reasons listed above, you should understand that your brand cannot be hidden. Although your business does not use digital platforms, your competitors are increasingly creating cutting edge strategies to attract their customers.

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