Discover the main sales tools on the market

Discover the main sales tools on the market

Business success is a goal that depends on different factors. Naturally, your business must be able to analyze the market and offer services and products that can make a difference to the public.

Plus, you need to provide your sales team members with the strategic resources they need to be successful.

The notion of sales clearance comes from this idea. The activity can be defined as an effort to provide the sales department with the tools, Content and the appropriate technology, seeking to improve its results.

Therefore, identifying the best approach and the best platform to execute the engagement process can make the difference.

To help you understand the topic, we have prepared this article. Here we will detail how sales support works, the benefits it brings to the business and the role of interactive marketing in this process.

Finally, we’ll show you the best sales support tools so you can optimize your sales department. Keep reading!

How does the sales aid work?

Did you know that Aberdeen research shows that salespeople spend up to 43 hours per month researching useful information for their jobs?

It’s long. In fact, it is time that could be used more productively in activities that benefit business results.

This is just one of the types of bottlenecks that can form without having a strategy focused on helping sales. The good news is that with the technology available in the current scenario, there are several practical ways to optimize sales service.

The first step is to analyze the business in general.

Understanding the main characteristics and needs of your business is essential for developing an effective approach.

Therefore, it is relevant to adopt the use of standardized reports and to thoroughly review the entire sales process. In many cases, one detail makes the difference.

Imagine, for example, that sales reps reach out to a large number of potential customers, but they have a hard time converting.

This can be a sign that prospects aren’t qualified, which you can resolve by producing content that educates them and makes it clear to the team who’s ready to be approached.

As you can see, it is a process with medium and long term results, which implies that it is applied in a structural way. This process begins at the recruiting phase: in addition to finding sales reps with talent and experience, it is essential to have a professional who leads the sales support.

The successful candidate should have an analytical profile and advanced communication skills, as maintaining an excellent organizational climate is key to the proper functioning of any business.

The Sales Enablement Manager must be able to invest in the training of his managers, by identifying the tools, technologies and content that can maximize results.

What are the advantages of sales support?

One of the great benefits of sales support is the ability to customize the sales process with the characteristics of the person and the stage of the funnel they are in.

This allows salespeople to apply the techniques most appropriate for each case, directing the prospect to the next step in the funnel.

Build lasting relationships

By appreciating the consumer’s experience during their purchasing journey, the company paves the way for building lasting and valuable relationships.

With an effective sales support strategy, sales reps can identify the needs of a potential customer and, in turn, provide them with relevant information and content.

This nutrition process generates a commitment that brings customers closer to the brand. They see your business as an authority on the matter, which makes them prioritize their future purchases and, at some point, become brand advocates.

Remember that for this process to be successful, the production of relevant materials is essential. Your content needs to be interactive to capture visitors’ attention, boost engagement, and create a truly valuable experience.

Increase conversion rate

Relationship building is essential, of course, but the important measure of sales team performance is conversion rate.

The good news is that the two are related – the more effective your business is at nurturing and educating potential customers, the more likely it is to convert.

All of this, however, depends on the manager’s ability to analyze sales activation. The professional must be able to identify the problems which make conversion difficult and to find practical solutions.

The strategy can fail in something simple, like capturing the attention of visitors who land on the landing page.

This is a common problem, which is already leading many businesses to invest in interactive landing pages to improve the potential customer experience and increase their chances of conversion.

Soon we will talk more about the role of interactive tools in this process.

Improves the organizational climate

There is no point in having well-structured processes if the teams are not able to work together. As you know, the integration of different departments, like marketing and salesis crucial if all stages of the customer journey are to be adequately addressed.

From the activation of sales, the gap between different sectors can be bridged, allowing them to share data and intelligence methods.

Also, brainstorming the best techniques is a good way to maximize results. In the end, you get an extremely productive organizational climate.

How does interactive marketing help facilitate sales?

Interactive marketing is an increasingly relevant resource in the strategic planning of any business.

By creating engaging experiences, it is possible to optimize the relationship with the customer in all phases of the funnel, facilitating their nutrition and eventual conversion.

But at the end of the day, how does all of this apply to sales support? The answer is very simple: investing in the production of interactive content yields much better results than obsolete ones. static content. Do you want to see an example?

In a study conducted among different professionals in the field, 90% of those questioned said they believed in the effectiveness of interactivity to educate potential customers.

Additionally, 96% were confident in using interactive content to influence customer decisions along the consumer journey. Only 65% ​​showed some degree of confidence in the effectiveness of static content.

Therefore, to take advantage of sales support, you need to invest in interactive marketing. E-books, quizzes, landing pages, and infographics are examples of content that can perform much better if you add interactivity to them.

What are the best sales support tools?

The practical application of a sales support strategy depends on the intelligent choice of the tools to use. Here are some of the main ones.


Do you remember we talked about the importance of collaboration between marketing and sales departments? Seismic is an essential tool to achieve this type of integration.

Convenient and intuitive to use, the software allows teams to create and share sales support content to reach and convert potential customers.

The tool also optimizes internal communication, since it facilitates the exchange of messages between teams and managers.

Additionally, Seismic simplifies the development of effective training for sales representatives and provides data to assess strategy development.


Zendesk is a tool that records every interaction your sales reps have with prospects throughout the customer lifecycle.

In this way, professionals can access all the content and resources that have been used since the discovery phase and can integrate them into future interactions.


Highspot is software that enables the integration of all marketing content, resources and tools, thus facilitating the entire sales activation process. With a modern design, Highspot offers AI-powered research, analytics, guided sales, and in-context training.

Using Highspot benefits both marketers, who gain valuable insight to optimize strategy, and sales reps, who can access and customize the most relevant content for each situation.

Interactive Ion

Ion Interactive is a complete platform for producing and launching interactive content, becoming a key ally for any marketing strategy.

When applied in the context of sales activation, the tool feeds the sales department with content that engages and converts.

The big difference lies in the simplicity and agility of the processes. In 60 minutes or less, you can develop different types of interactive content, such as quizzes, infographics, eBooks, and white papers. All this without the need for training or design experience.

In addition to facilitating the production of interactive content, Ion facilitates the analysis of data obtained by interaction. The user can find out who is interacting with their campaigns and which formats have the best conversion rates.

All of this increases understanding of the customer journey and improves strategy.

The company’s ability to create an appropriate consumer experience is a critical factor in achieving positive results. By using sales support tools, you make sure your sales reps have the resources they need to attract, engage and convert leads.

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