Discover Strategies To Boost Your Work As An Affiliate Discover Strategies To Boost Your Work As An Affiliate

Discover Strategies To Boost Your Work As An Affiliate Discover Strategies To Boost Your Work As An Affiliate

Working as an affiliate, like many things in life, is part of a journey. If you are taking your first steps into this world and you are still having difficulty or not playing as well as you would like, relax and take a deep breath.

Trips weren’t meant to be taken quickly. They require dedication, effort, strategy and each person has their time to get where they want to go.

And strategies are the reason I’m here today.

It is Hotmart’s desire to always be a source of knowledge and support for its affiliates. If you follow the blog, you know that we publish articles on the most different subjects, to help you grow as a professional and to make your daily life more and more productive.

Therefore, today I am going to show you some strategies that can be applied at different stages of your business, depending on the results already achieved. You’re doing your part and I’m giving you some tips that can help speed up your results, okay?

Oh, before I get into the action plans themselves, let me give you some information that is good for all affiliates?

Recently, we made some changes to the Hotmart Affiliate Marketplace.

It is in this area that products are available for people to join, with thousands of options to choose from, among the most diverse niches. Seems like a tough choice, right? It is therefore precisely in this aspect that we have evolved.

Navigation on the main page is now done via carousels. In the same way as it already happens on social networks.

The first carousel is the advised. You will find products selected in a personalized way, through an analysis that the system makes of its behavior on the platform and of the products to which it is already affiliated.

Do you know when your streaming video shows you movies based on what you watched? So it’s the same principle. So use and abuse the platform. The greater your interaction, the greater the chances of reaching 100% of recommended products!

It wasn’t the only change we made, but I’ll talk about the others later.

In short, let’s move on to the expected strategies …

  • I just became an affiliate

If so, congratulations! It is a pleasure to welcome you to Hotmart.

I imagine if you are here it is because you want to turn a passion into a business. So, this is where my advice is:

Focus on what interests you

I’m sure you already had a trade that you looked at and said “Ah, that’s not for me”. With digital products, the same thing happens. Often times when starting a business, affiliates are drawn to high commissions on certain products, but which have nothing to do with their profile and then have a hard time selling those materials.

If there is any interest in that product that is being advertised, that special dedication that we feel when we get involved in something we love starts to fade and trust me that makes a difference. big difference when selling a product.

So focus on the topics that interest you. If your passion is food or music, for example, invest your efforts in these segments. Within the Hotmart Market, it is possible to filter products for affiliation specifically by niche, and it helps a lot when it comes to ensuring that your communication reaches the right audience.

Refine your niche as much as possible

The online product market is growing and this is attracting increasing competition. Therefore, refining your niche as much as possible can be a good strategy to keep the competition down.

If you’re just starting out or think the advice from another step makes sense, feel free to save this post and come back here whenever you need to, okay?

  • I have already made sales, but my invoicing is far from what I expected

Is this your travel time? So, now is the time to increase your sales.

Study paid traffic strategies

When a customer spontaneously enters your sales page or blog, we call them organic traffic. It’s a great way to get customers, but if you want to increase your sales faster, maybe it’s time to start a paid traffic strategy.

Win customers by paid traffic it means attracting them through advertisements, placed on Google or on sites that your audience visits often, and thus direct them to your page.

With this strategy, it will be possible to increase your visibility faster and increase the chances of converting visitors into buyers. There are several paid traffic tools in the market. In this guide, you can find information and tips to help you take the next step as a master.

Learn copy

Copywriting is a way to convince your audience to take specific action – like downloading material, accessing your website, or making a purchase – through persuasive writing, using techniques that can make your offer compelling!

At Hotmart, we have several articles that teach you how to use this strategy in your business. To start off on the right foot, I broke up this one, but you can also search the search bar for “copy”. I guarantee it is worth reading!

  • I already have a stabilized activity, but I would like to sell more

If your business as an Affiliate or Affiliate is already running with its own legs, great! For us at Hotmart, it’s an honor to have been part of your trip here! Praise emphasized, how about some tips to earn even more?

Build authority

Building authority means making sure that your brand is remembered and become a benchmark in the market in which it operates, and this is only possible through interaction and approximation with your potential customers.

Be a constant presence on the social networks your audience uses. Produce relevant and quality content for them, and consider partnering with people in your niche that are already well known (the famous collaboration).

With these steps you will be more and more on your customer’s mind and that makes all the difference when it comes to purchasing a product. After all, which choice is more likely? Buy a lesson from that person who always gives you great Instagram advice or someone you’ve never heard of?

Another step to increase your authority is living online. During a live, you can answer questions live, offer exclusive content, promote a new product … The possibilities are endless!

Hotmart has an exclusive tool for online events, in which you can not only host your broadcast, but also offer live products, chat with your customers and have access to the history of subscribers and conversations that have had held during the live. All in one place!


Sell ​​again to those who have already bought from you

An internal investigation, conducted by Hotmart, shows that 85% of your customers would buy from you again. In other words, it’s a great opportunity to increase your income, without having to spend to win over an unknown consumer, in addition to helping to retain your customers. Best of all worlds, isn’t it?

With this idea in mind, it may be wise to offer the customer a complementary product from the same producer that they have already purchased. In the affiliate market, in the product page, it is possible to check if the producer has more products offered.

Hotmart has several tools that can help you maintain good relationships with your after-sales customers. Come to think of it, I separated one more Publish which can be a boost for those who are starting to think about loyalty from old customers.

Hope my advice has helped you take another step towards your dreams. Keep following our content and our good sales!

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