Discover 12 interactive sites and how to create your own!

Discover 12 interactive sites and how to create your own!

One of the great challenges of a Content Marketing It is to involve the user and make him develop a positive feeling for the brand.

That way, even if you don’t buy anything at that point, the business will remain on your mind which can lead to a future business opportunity.

the interactive content has played an important role in this regard, as it involves the user in what is happening on the screen. In fact, interactivity is one of the key factors in Marketing experience, contributing to a strong relationship with the audience, greater brand reach and positive feedback.

You might be planning to use interactivity on your business website, but the truth is, this concept has started to spread more intensely recently.

So, nothing better than to know some interactive sites to inspire you, right?

This is exactly what you will find in this content. We’ll also talk a bit about experiential marketing and how to make an interactive website. Then we will cover the following topics:

Do you think if we start? Keep reading!

What is an interactive website?

Interactive sites are pages that offer personalized experiences where the user has the power to be part of the interactions.

Because it is something different and able to engage people easily, interactive websites can make the audience remember the brand and even generate Word of mouth marketing.

No matter where or how interactivity is applied, the goal is to encourage user participation.

Likewise, it is necessary to find ways to convey the values ​​of the brand through these experiences. This work creates a lasting relationship, consumer loyalty.

For those who are thinking about creating a website, there is the advantage of being able to pay attention to interactivity from the start. However, it is also possible to use the interaction design in order to adapt a ready-to-use website that does not yet include interactive elements.

Want to see examples of interactive sites? So read on!

12 interactive sites to inspire you

Now that you know what an interactive site is, here are 12 examples to inspire you!

1. Daesk

Daesk It is not only based on a colorful site, but also full of interactivity. Some items move or appear during navigation.

For some titles, the letters appear one by one as if they were entered during navigation. In addition, there is a video that simulates the use of the company’s platform.

2. Makemepulse

This site It was created with the aim of being like a New Years e-card, but it is very different from a regular card.

Thanks to the interactivity, it is possible to modify the background and to interact differently with each of the words presented on the screen.

3. Commit

Commit is a distance learning platform. They had the idea to put a calculator on the website so that potential clients can calculate how much they would save by studying with them.

4. He

He is a food delivery service where its corporate values ​​revolve around respect for the environment and human health.

Upon entering the company’s website, we will find items that appear or slide while browsing. All this without counting the beautiful colors and the high quality photos.

5. My Banxico

This interactive website created by Banco de México, allows the user to interact with the different pages and learn more about the history of money, the value of money and some additional tips on finances .

6. NetApp

The case of NetApp are solutions in the cloud. They created an infographic that shows the visitor how much a business can grow when its infrastructure has the capacity to absorb new demands.

The piece features several elements that move discreetly across the screen and texts that appear as we slide down.

7. Nike Responds

Nike has created a interactive website to promote its line of “React” sneakers. When you enter the page, you see some sort of character made of random materials that refer to comfort.

Then you can click “go” and create your own character; by giving him your favorite tennis model. You can then share your creation on social networks.

8. DHL

DHL has created a interactive landing page help the customer to find a solution to his need. The first step is to inform if the shipment is personal or commercial, then the website directs the user to the most appropriate service.

9. Pumps

This site is a little different from the ones mentioned above, since it is a site to host an interactive video clip of singer Mai Lan, in which it is possible to change the background of the video, cut the things that appear on the screen and change the “Perspective” of the scene.

10. Timothée Roussilhe

Timothée Roussilhe He is a creative developer or creator, who has developed a portfolio to match his specialty.

To begin with, the site tells the user, “Don’t press on it! (“Don’t press here!”). Our reaction is to simply click on that spot, causing multiple letters to spread all over the screen. Then the message appears: “Damn it! Now scroll down ”.

By browsing, it is possible to know the main works of the professional, all in an interactive and very fun way.

11. iContact

IContact’s job is to offer email marketing solutions. The company created a calculator to help potential customers calculate how much they can save on the services offered so that they can make a decision. Immediately after discovering the values, the visitor can click “Register Now” to close the deal.

12. François Risoud

Finally, we have a very interesting final portfolio. The spot in this image is dynamic when the site is accessible live. It can be reached with the movement of the mouse, causing it to spread across the screen. After a while, the drops collect again in the center.

But the objective is precisely to spread the virtual liquid to be able to access the button below. Then you are taken to the main part of the site, which introduces you to Francois Risoud, a development professional.

The interactive sites that you have just seen can give you some ideas of what you can do. This can have a huge impact on your marketing strategies. Digital marketingSince then, interactivity has worked in a way that is well aligned with user behavior.

Have you seen how awesome interactive sites are and wondering how to do this on your own? Do not worry! We’ve separated a few interactive elements that you can include on your business website!

Interactive elements to include on your business website

Below you will find a few types of interactive content that help enhance the experience of the online consumer.


The quiz o Quizzes have become very popular, mainly thanks to the BuzzFeed tests. In addition to entertaining, they can be a way of educating the public.

Of course, creating one takes a lot of creativity and can go viral with well-designed content.

Here’s a quiz created by the Rock content community for freelancers to test their SEO knowledge.


You can create a interactive calculator and embed it on the company’s website to help potential customers understand how much they will save on your product or service. Even a good idea would be to come up with content together to explain your organization’s solution in detail.

Since it requires user participation, an interactive calculator can improve engagement with your content, increase time spent on the page, and even increase conversions.

Here is an example of an interactive calculator that encourages breastfeeding, helping the mother to see not only how good it is for the baby’s health, but also how much she can save.


You are already familiar with infographics and you know they are a great way to present data to those who visit the site.

In addition to being educational, they can help your business be found by search engines. google image search. All this without mentioning that infographics have a good chance of being shared on social media.

But what if you The infographic is interactive? Well, this type of content is very pleasant to consume, because it is possible to include various effects that make navigation enjoyable.

Check out this infographic from RightSource Marketing. As you scroll the screen, items appear and move around, providing a very interesting experience.


Videos are immersive in nature, imagine including a touch of interactivity. This can make the content go viral., or at least be very divided.

Another benefit is to increase the time spent on the page, as the user may end up watching the video multiple times.

Honda did a fantastic job on a interactive video. When you press the “R” key, you can see another side of a man’s story, and that’s where the name “The Other Side” comes from.

By day, he’s an ordinary person, by night, an undercover cop.

Do you want to deepen your knowledge on the subject? If so, you should read our content: Interactive content. And become an expert!

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