digital tools of the week

digital tools of the week

A new selection of digital tools to lighten daily tasks and make them smarter.

Among this week’s choices, a useful tool for insert soundtracks intended for meditation and concentration. You will be able to associate commercially licensed audio files with our videos and presentations.

Among the necessities of office life, it may be necessary to have take notes quickly, maybe from an English video, which we don’t quite chew on. Also for this, today we offer you a solution.

Follow us in this review of the digital tools selected for you by the Ninja.

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Start the day on the right foot

To turn your morning routine into a step-by-step guided audio stream, start from Automatic pilot

: training, gratitude, goals. Edit these activities or create your own to create your perfect morning with the free app.

Stop at notes and transcriptions

worldcab digital tool

If you don’t have time to take notes during meetings and meetings, or if you’re not really good at English, Wordcab come to your aid automatic summary creation detailed and in natural language. You can also share everything with other participants.

The tool to find tools

research tool

Especially in search engine optimization, the right tools can make a difference. To find what exactly suits you, you can use SEO Tool Belt. A filterable list of over 200 SEO tools, created by industry experts and constantly updated.

Really functional gantt

monday tool

Although it is one of the most used project management support tools in companies, this diagram with tasks and schedule is not always useful. To make it really effective, there is, a visual and flexible platform to try out immediately.

Relax: this is the collection for you

zenmix digital tool

Inserting a soundtrack suitable for our video productions can become a real challenge, especially since you have to take into account the distribution permissions of the audio files.

Choosing a relaxing theme that is also suitable for meditation can be a valid alternative. ZENmix provides a collection of sound files to improve focus and focus on the target. All with a commercial use license.

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