digital tools of the week

digital tools of the week

Preparing for business presentations is an important step in turning the dreaded Monday morning into a pleasant office experience. It will serve a make communication with colleagues easier and more direct.

Of course you can count on a cohesive team it is already a good base on which to build. Do you know that there are digital tools for this too, i.e. to show your appreciation to your colleagues?

In today’s selection, also a tool to go back to meeting people, not for sentimental or professional reasons: just having breakfast together.

Here is our selection of useful apps for this week.

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Love on the first slide

Create professional projects and presentations without needing a chart, it can sometimes be complicated or downright impossible. Premast

It offers a number of templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides, and even offers some free options.

Team building

digital tools of the week

A stronger, healthier and happier team is built on collaboration and esteem. With Get engaged with you can show yours appreciation for teammates directly to your channels within Slack and Microsoft Teams. Celebrate big or small wins by setting customizable rewards.

Information regime

read the digital tool

We are inundated with news and information on social media, but we always seem to be reading the same things. Read something awesome collects links to evergreen articles on the internet and serves them 5 at a time. By pressing the “Edit my readings“You will immediately have 5 more on your plate.”

Automatic subtitles


Do you know how many people are watching your videos in “silent” mode? There are so many of them and you might immediately grab their attention. If you don’t know how, Editor is the solution for you. Automatically add subtitles almost perfect for your videos, in over 70 languages.

Coffee and croissant

the digital breakfast tool

Breakfast it is neither a dating app nor a networking app. It is a “people” application. Meet in person e talk to someone you don’t know yet. Breakfast.

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