digital tools of the week

digital tools of the week

Also this week, the Ninja editorial team selected a list of useful tools to simplify digital activities, improve performance and productivity or simply discover examples and case studies, as in the case of “Google Cemetery”.

We can learn a lot from the successes of large companies, but also of their failures. So here is Failory to help us, with the collection of all the now disused services of the web giant.

Among other things, we also indicate tools to find the right palette for your digital projects, for eliminate distractions while working, or to better manage I lead on facebook.

Without hesitation, here are the digital tools of this week.

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Google’s graveyard

Do you think that you are the only one who cannot complete all the projects you have started? If it’s any consolation, even the most widely used web giant in the West has racked up a series of failures. You can see them all in the Failory Google Cemetery


Ads that work


Everyone knows how to advertise on social media today, but how do you figure out which ones really work? Young Syncs with your ad accounts and lets you see all your ads in one place, then show you which creative is performing best for different campaign goals, across platforms.

Eliminate distractions


Staying focused on what really matters can be tricky. Unplug blocks all distractions with just one click, combining function with cognitive techniques to optimize focus.

Direct on Facebook

digital tool

Are you losing leads due to slow responses and follow-ups? Automating processes is the best way to solve this problem. With the mobile application of Hashgrow, you can easily link your FB lead forms to receive instant notifications of new prospects and send follow-ups via WhatsApp, email or SMS from predefined templates. You can also call your prospects and track activity.

The right color

digital tool

Every project needs a suitable color palette, but we’re not always creative enough to find the right one. Mobile pallet generator is a simple yet powerful tool that lets you create color combinations with the click of a mouse.

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