Definition of Yes Man: what is it and what it means

Definition of Yes Man: what is it and what it means

In the workplace, a Yes man he is a person who continually confirms the idea of ​​the superior. He never contradicts his opinion, even if it is clearly wrong. It becomes a problem for the smooth running of the business.

Definition of this professional figure.

The Yes Man accepts the power of the superior: he is a passive operator without strength or backbone, able to complete a task and accept anything to charge for. Or to bring home the salary. It also happens by following bad decisions.

What does Yes Man mean

With this expression, translated from English as “man who always says yes”, we mean a person who is in the habit of always confirming the opinion of the superior. Even when it’s okay against his interests, those of the office or the company, those of the team.

Being Yes Man always means getting along with power and never contradicting. For this, the expression is used as derogatory and mocking, in order to qualify coworkers who tend to behave in this manner with an unpleasant tone.

Remember that Yes Man is also the title of a movie starring Jim Carrey in which the protagonist has to say yes to every offer offered by life and everything changes in a positive way, managing to achieve great results.

Italian translation

In addition to literary translation – the man who always says yes – the concept of Yes Man is understood as a lick, a licker or a puppet. In reality, it is not the same thing because these elements have a particular emphasis on the servile aspect.

The yes man, meanwhile, concerns above all the professional aspect of those who never dispute and thus harms the company itself because it allows to continue choices not useful to the whole but only to the ego of those who take them into consideration.

What problems does this pose

What does being a yes mean for the company? It’s a way of damage growth skills and the ability to make objectively useful decisions. Only power is followed, the individual is praised. But it can be wrong.

yes man
Still from Jim Carrey’s film – Wikipedia

A good supervisor should avoid surrounding himself with condescending people and prefer collaborators who know how to judge honest way your choices. Not always and in any case contesting but not even accepting passively.

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Have you become a man yes?

In some cases, it is decided to become a condescending person because thethe work environment is hostile and people tend to stigmatize those who think differently. In others, however, it is an attitude that is part of the character of the individual.

On the other hand, even following a good psychology of work, a superior should never facilitate this process but push towards a real growth.

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