Definition of Mystery Shopper

Definition of Mystery Shopper

We call Mysterious customer a person who pretends to be an ordinary and anonymous customer. In reality it is commissioned by a company to test and assess the quality of reception, service, and the various services available at the point of sale including relations with staff in contact with customers. We can say that the mystery shopper is the very measure of the customer experience and relationship. The mystery shopper’s mission is defined upstream of his visit, which allows him to draw up a report that is as objective as possible at the end of his visit. To do this, we set specific objectives and the indicators we want to measure.

In defining the mission of the mystery shopper, he may be asked to play a particular role, to target who he is addressing and what he is going to ask them. Its action is based on collection of quantitative and qualitative information in particular thanks to an interaction of questions and answers. It is also knowing how to keep an eye open to what is happening around, whether it is cleanliness, layout, staff behavior for example.

A mystery shopper can also operate remotely without moving physically, his mission may be to telephone to analyze the reception he will receive, by email or by making contact on the website. He will then be able to measure the speed with which he is answered, if his expectations are correctly taken into account and how they are met.

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