Customer service automation: what are the benefits?

Customer service automation: what are the benefits?

To date, we know that a good customer service that meets the demands of speed, efficiency, availability and quality can become a trigger that helps us increase the sales of our business and, therefore, they are a fundamental building block to grow our business.

But why the automating Customer service beyond what is known to the naked eye?

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most important benefits of automated customer service, both from a customer perspective and the benefits to your business.

Customer service automation what are the advantages

Benefits for attracting potential customers

Putting us in consumer perspective We have found a number of benefits to automating our customer service.

Greater confidence in the company that automated customer service

When a potential customer contacts a company that has this automated customer service, they start to establish a relationship of trust. Noting that the business has well-established sales processes reduces the number of barriers that prevent the prospect from completing the sales process. A customer who feels they have received good service will likely want to buy again and recommend the brand to their acquaintances.

The whole sales process in one place

Many of us, as customers, tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to going through the entire sales process. Automation processes allow the company to provide the customer with everything for carry out the sales process in one place. In this way, we will move from attention to action as soon as possible.

A quick sale is a sale that represents a lower customer acquisition cost for the business.

Cost reduction and 24/7 service

Automation marketing means finding new alternatives to meet the needs of the modern customer, using tools such as web forms, chatbots or CRM software, among other things, it is possible to generate an integrated service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some companies have call centers and online service centers for resolving doubts and queries from customers or prospects who work 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Depending on the size of the business, this customer service solution can be very expensive and even dysfunctional.

In fact, many companies that implement this automated service are reducing their costs, because thanks to forms, chats, FAQs and other solutions they don’t need to pay for night hours and they allow the sales team to do much better during office hours.

By automating the interaction with the customer, the sales department can get to work to resolve the most common doubts and find the critical points of the negotiation to optimize the functioning of the automated tools and processes.

Most interactions with customers (especially when looking for a similar product) are generally repeatable. This guarantees an optimization of the time of the sales team.

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

When a consumer is going through an agile and reliable sales process, and has left them with no doubt that they have made a good purchase, it is easier for them to come back to buy from us again. However, the benefits of customer service automation don’t stop there, the insights gained through interactions and forms will allow perform scheduled after-sales follow-ups to verify that the overall experience was satisfactory.

Giving a place to the customer is essential from our point of view.

Benefits Businesses Get With Customer Service Automation

The client satisfaction It’s an essential part of any corporate culture, but automating customer response service has even more benefits for the business and its growth.

One more step towards digital transformation

We are before the transformation of all companies into companies operating in both traditional and digital fields. This trend opens a very wide panorama for companies because, thanks to the possibility of selling on social networks and other platforms, they can increase their turnover, access a base of potential customers that they did not know, and even start new markets or products.

Increase sales and reduce churn rate

Companies that decide to automating sell more because they have the opportunity to close sales at different times and in different latitudes.

But the benefits don’t end there. An abandoned sales process can be taken over by the customer to customer service with draft options and do remarketing personalized with different communication channels, such as messaging apps or emails.

Another great advantage is the possibility of creating cross sellingBased on a customer’s purchase history or requests, the company can offer products, services, warranty extensions and more.


Thanks to the amount of information that each prospect or customer leaves in our forms or with our chatbots You can be served from different platforms: website chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Business, Skype, Viber and many more.

The prospect’s information will be available to properly track the sale, provide information or perform technical support work in the CRM, both for the marketing and sales areas.

Change of corporate culture

The trend in the way of communicating with the customer is more and more focused on putting the user at the center of the whole strategy (customer centric), rather than how to deliver a specific product.

The “customer-centric culture” enables businesses and entrepreneurs to use tools such as customer service automation to differentiate themselves from the competition and achieve business growth through automated hyper-personalization.

By having all the information of the different points of contact that we had with the client or the lead, we can focus on the negotiations that represent a higher turnover for the company at the present time and leave the lead mature if it’s still there, not ready for sale.

Setting up automated customer service is the solution to many business and customer headaches: technical support, after-sales service, increased invoicing, close sales, cross-selling and many other benefits, which are part of the range of possibilities that are opened with this powerful tool that will contribute to digitization and change of corporate culture.

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