Creating a brand newsletter from scratch: the basics of email marketing

Creating a brand newsletter from scratch: the basics of email marketing

In 2019, the people who sent and received emails were 3.9 billion, while it is estimated that by 2022 they should reach 4.3 billion, equal to half of the world population [Report Statista 2020].

Already in 2019 there was talk of “year of email marketing“But never as today, in the era of smart working and social distancing, emails have become a tool for fundamental importance to communicate, transmit content, send documents, keep in touch with their customers, build loyalty, exchange advice and create new relationships. Especially in the business world, they have a non-negligible value and become part of the marketing strategy of companies, large or small.

Why you need an email marketing plan

Unlike advertising on Facebook or Google, email is a means of contact direct it’s almost intimate with the user because, in addition to being customizable and speaking directly to the recipient, he reaches his personal mailbox, drawing his attention in a non-invasive way.

Although the means of communication are multiplying visibly, email marketing will always remain a reference tool for brands and its popularity is destined to increase over time. Suffice it to say that, in 2019 alone, 293.6 billion emails reached their destination, which will double in the next five years. Furthermore, the return on investment (ROI) of email marketing is very high and, according to estimates, it is around 35€ for each euro spent. Finally, 81% of companies already use it for both customer acquisition and customer retention and for loyalty activities.

There are emails and emails – find the differences

When it comes to emails, we must emphasize the various types because not all emails are the same and pursue the same goals. Depending on the purpose you want to achieve, you can opt for:

  • the DEM – is the acronym for direct email marketing and summarizes communications of a purely nature commercial which usually focus on a single offer or a single product. They consist of text, image and call to action, and direct the user to a landing page. They can be paid and have as their goal the sale, lead generation and profiling of the database.
  • the flow of automation – They are mails that are part of a flow automated which is activated whenever a certain condition occurs. The most common example of email marketing automation are transactional emails, linked to the purchase of a product on an ecommerce. Their function varies according to the trigger and the context of the campaign in which the automation is inserted: they can be commercial and sales-oriented, or intended to build customer loyalty and make him perform a certain action.
  • newsletter – the newsletter is part of an ongoing email marketing strategy aimed at telling the brand and providing interesting content to the user. It differs from the first two types because, in this case, it is the user himself who subscribes to the newsletter, thus expressing the desire to “stay in touch” with the brand.

Creating a brand newsletter: where to start

Deciding to create a branded newsletter involves big ones responsibility. And no, we’re not exaggerating. When the user chooses to subscribe to your newsletter (and gives you his data for it) he is giving you a huge confidence that you cannot betray.

What does the user expect of you?

  • sending emails with costanza and on a cadence regular
  • always content new e interesting inherent to the brand and its sector of belonging
  • promotions, discounts, previews on your products
  • involvement e interaction

Before starting to work on a newsletter, therefore, you must ask yourself if you can keep it in the long run the promise that you are tacitly making to the user, producing and sending content of quality and value, consistently, over time.

If you are ready to take this step, in the next article we will see what are the first steps to create a stimulating, curious, interesting but above all unique newsletter… because yours.

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