create endless reusable models

create endless reusable models

The most interesting feature of Notion is power create reusable templates thanks to Block pattern button. This makes it possible to create a page template and reuse it endlessly with the click of a button. I explain how to do it in this tutorial + video.

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1 – What is a Template?

A model is an anglicism to define a reusable template. It is a word often used in the web and in the WordPress ecosystem, in particular, where you find many layout templates (Divi, Elementor, etc.) ready to be used and to receive your content.

For Notion, it’s the same, the application already offers many templates that you can use.

But what is interesting is that you can create your own models, those you need every day in your activity or your personal life, and to repeat it endlessly.

2 – In which case to use the Template Button block?

You need to create your own Notion templates with automatic generation when you need to reuse the same model and change only some information inside.

For example, at the business level, you could create:

  • Quote templates
  • Billing templates
  • SEO audit templates
  • Site data templates (usernames, passwords, login URLs, etc.)

And on a personal level, you could create:

  • Shopping list templates
  • Weekly menu templates
  • School supplies templates
  • Task templates
  • Etc.

The Concept of models equipped with Block pattern button then allow you to no longer waste time entering certain daunting data and this improves your productivity.

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3 – Create a repetitive concept template in 3 steps

You will see that it is very easy to create this type of template Notion

Step 1: create the basic model

The first thing to do is to create the base model. The trick is not to forget anything on this model to avoid wasting time during the next uses.

If we take the example of creation of a quote template, you will have to think of all the mentions you need:

Quote template with concept
Example of a quote template with concept
  1. Add a new page in your Notion dashboard
  2. Use title to place the quote number
  3. Your contact details: name, first name, company name, siret, VAT number (if necessary), address, e-mail, etc. By including this in your template, you will not have to enter this information again in the future.
  4. Customer contact details: leave blank, as this information will change all the time.
  5. The quote issue date and the quote validity date: this information will change each time.
  6. The table listing your services with unit prices and totals: this information will change, but you can save time by listing a few.
  7. Make a summary of total amounts.
  8. Eventually, add the box “good for agreement” which will be signed by your client.
  9. And all other mentions that you would need.

Once your template is “perfect” you can use it as a template.

Step 2: create the listing page

The second step is to create the page that will list all your documents, for this example, this page will list all the quotes.

Create a page for Notion templates
Create a listing page
  1. Add a new page
  2. Name it as you wish, for example “All my quotes”
  3. Add the block Model button.

Step 3: configure the Template Button block

Finally, you will have to configure the block Pattern button in this way :

model concept 2
Name the button and delete the To-Do block
  1. Change the name of the button, for example “create a new quote”.
  2. Open the options of the block pattern
  3. Delete the block Make
model concept 3
Drag the template into the Template Button
  1. Drag and drop your model in the block pattern, instead of To-Do.
  2. Wait for the time of generation.
  3. Click on To close to finish.
model concept 4
Click on the button to generate a new model
  1. Your Notion model is ready, just click on the button + Create a new quote.
  2. Wait during the generation.
  3. Your quotes start to follow one another on your “All my quotes” page.
  4. In the left sidebar, you can find the page hierarchy and directly access the desired quote.

Awesome, isn’t it?

4 – How to modify a Template Button block?

However, if you are a bit of a linnet like me and forgot to include generic information within your template, you may be able to modify your Block pattern button :

modifier model concept
Modify the template generation button

Click on the settings wheel located to the right of the block, discard the current model then import the new corrected model. So you repeat actions 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 of step 3 of this tutorial. You might as well not forget anything 😂!

5 – Duplicate a Notion template created by another user

The other good news is that it is possible use Notion templates created by other users. They can be templates browsed on the Web or those created by your colleagues.

Duplicate Notion templates
Duplicate Notion templates

You will then need to have a URL address (a link), open it in your browser (Chrome or Firefox) and click on Duplicate. That’s all ! Now your Notion dashboard has this new template.

6 – Share your templates with other users

And the other good news (again?) Is that you can also share the templates you have created with your colleagues. And if your templates are super complex, you will save them a lot of time!

Share a Notion template
Share your Notion templates
  1. Once your model is perfect, click Share.
  2. Activate the option Allow duplication as a template
  3. Copy the link.

Then you can give this link (by e-mail for example) to your colleagues, customers, etc. which will only have to duplicate this template as explained in the previous chapter.

Be careful, if you do not activate the option Allow duplication as a template, your page will be searchable (thanks to the shared link) but not duplicable.

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7 – The video tutorial

Find all these explanations in my video:

8 – In conclusion

Notion is a NoCode tool which offers many useful features in everyday life, but the functionality of creation and sharing of templates is one of the ones that will save you the most time!

I will be curious to know in which framework you use Notion templates with generation button (block Template Button), share your ideas in the comments!

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