Corporate social network or intranet?  Who to choose ?

Corporate social network or intranet? Who to choose ?

At the time of the digital transformation, companies want to change the way they work and are turning to collaborative platforms. Gone are the days when communication was hierarchical. Today, it’s time for management 3.0 and fluid exchanges. There are now a multitude of community solutions : Company Social Network, Digital Workplace, Intranet, ChatOps .. The choice is vast. The collaborative tools have become even more democratized with the arrival of teleworking in the daily life of the French. We will decipher, for you, two internal communication solutions, the Corporate Social Network (CSR) and intranet, to help you determine which one is best for your needs.

The company facing the choice of collaborative solutions

The need for collaboration in 2020

Hyper-connectivity, ultra-mobility and agility are the keywords for organizations. Driven by the entry of millennials into the labor market, companies must reinvent their environment and their way of working.

In the current context, the digital collaboration is a real springboard to facilitate the digital transformation of organizations. Teleworking has thus become essential in order to ensure business continuity.

The telecommuting is therefore more and more present in companies. Employees and managers alike make it a full-fledged work organization tool. It has many advantages for both the employee and the company. The home office allows more flexibility in working hours, in particular by eliminating transport times. This saves precious time allocated to sleep, sports or relaxation and plays an important role in employee health and stress reduction. It has also been proven that teleworkers are more productive, but also work longer.

The pitfalls of collaboration to avoid in business

However, the change and the upheaval of the codes sometimes cause some reluctance. Brakes, which can hinder the success of a digital transformation project.

Several causes create pitfalls:

  • Non-adherence of employees to the tool : poor upstream management of the project can create uninformed employees who have little involvement in the establishment of a collaborative solution.
  • A lack of involvement of managers : it results in a fear of losing control of their teams. Indeed, they wonder about the group effect and communication similar to that of social networks. Interpreting the collaborative tool as a personal social network.
  • Poor consideration of disparities in digital skills : not everyone has the same relationship and the same habit of digital tools. Some employees will be very comfortable with digital and will be receptive to change, while others, diehards, drag their feet. And it will be necessary to support these employees to reduce the digital divide within the company.

It is up to organizations to adapt their employees to new technologies, to mobility, to the speed of information, to the evolution of the company in order to work better and more efficiently. This is why it is important to choose the right collaborative solution which best adapts to its organization. For this, Jamespot offers you a white paper to “Choose the collaborative solution that suits you”.

Which collaborative solution is right for you?

The corporate social network

What is a corporate social network?

The corporate social network, or CSR, is a digital space that allows individuals from the same organization to take several actions:

  • to change,
  • to collaborate
  • and thus to exercise their professional activity more efficiently.

Its overall objective is to facilitate exchanges within the company. In the idea, it’s an “internal Facebook or LinkedIn” to an organization, but with many more features. There are profiles, groups, a chat and a news feed where you can post internal news, and many other things. All these tools are available to maximize employee engagement, knowledge sharing and productivity organisation.

Discover the Jamespot solution!

The advantages of the corporate social network

As we have just seen, the corporate social network eis a versatile and functional collaborative tool. But what are its concrete advantages?

A CSR serves, among other things, to:

  • A grouping of different configurable tools

A CSR has several uses, it is a real Swiss army knife for all professional uses. Which makes it its greatest strength. You can communicate as well via posts, via the news feed or one-to-one with a messaging. Hundreds of applications for all core businesses: communication, project management, customer support… everyone is there.

A CSR is agile, it offers the possibility of configuring the useful functions for each employee.

  • Better dissemination and circulation of information

A corporate social network is particularly popular for better Communication. Everyone’s knowledge and know-how can thus flow more easily.

For example, practical information relating to a service or company circulates more easily and is easily accessible. Optimal document management in a few ways!

  • An exchange of good practices

It is also a very good way to facilitate mutual aid and sharing between colleagues: sharing of experience, feedback on training followed, questions and answers on different subjects, etc. It offers the field to a panel of new knowledge.

The intranet for the company

What is the corporate intranet?

Theintranet well known to all, he is the mirror of an organization. Previously used in large companies, today its use is democratizing with the arrival of small and medium-sized companies which are starting to equip themselves. But what is it really for?

A IOurreport is a computer network deployed within a company or any other entity. It allows employees to exchange information in a secure environment. Intranet resources can only be viewed from a network access pointexcept for cloud-hosted intranets like Jamespot whose resources are searchable anywhere. We can say that the intranet is a kind of central point on which all employees can connect and consult information.

It is therefore a solution to access the entire IT system of a company in the universal format of the Web..

The advantages of the intranet for the company?

The intranet offers definite advantages for an organization. It is based on a proven industrial model.

Many features help make this tool versatile and advantageous:

  • Institutional communication: information is communicated to all employees, at a given time, via the same tool.
  • It allows full control of the information that you want (or not) to share
  • A tool that can be personalized at will (organization chart, calendar, news flash, etc.)
  • Intuitive provision of practical sheets, training materials or any other document that may be useful to an employee.

The multidisciplinary nature of this tool makes it essential in any organization to maintain a internal communication corporate and accessible to all.

Do we absolutely have to choose between an Intranet and a CSR? Alain Garnier, CEO of Jamespot says that these two solutions can and must coexist. Indeed, it all depends on the needs and perspectives of your organization. The Jamespot tool can offer both an intranet and a CSR separately. But it is also possible to couple the two on a single platform.

It is important to know that these tools need a little digital maturity to be effective. This is why you should not give in to fashion and take into account the level of digitalization maturity of your company to choose the right option. Note that we can start with a CSR and then integrate an Intranet, depending on the evolution of the organization. Up to you !

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