Competitions are lost and are not canceled

Competitions are lost and are not canceled

I feel like writing these few lines after receiving a message that goes something like this.

Unfortunately, the requirement has failed, we proceed to close the tender without being awarded. We apologize for activating you and remain available for any clarifications.

For this race Luca worked the night, Mattia went crazy in a bizarre portal, and obviously everything was urgent. Very urgent.

Now, if that’s the culture, if companies ask agencies to work “like mules” and then feel free to shamelessly undo things, it’s just not good. An apology cannot be enough. There is a need for a new work ethic and relationships between customers and suppliers.

Who loses us? Maybe none, but we all get lost. Out of respect for Luca and Mattia and for the whole team, I will ask Marketing Arena as CEO to stop participating in “exploratory” competitions, we are not a creative hub of prototypes. Or rather, everything is fine but you pay me for the prototype.

I am honestly really infuriated by the lack of professionalism of this communication system. It’s not for everyone, it doesn’t happen often. But it happens TOO often. If this message should arrive even in a single table in the purchasing office and make someone think, I will be happy.

In the meantime, I will apologize to my employees for taking their life time away, in a project that a multinational has realized it no longer wants.

As my mom would say, it’s not like that.

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