Comparison of 5 free email marketing software [2021]

Comparison of 5 free email marketing software [2021]


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Need free or cheap email marketing software, but don’t know which one to choose?

Indeed, there are a multitude of solutions on the market and choosing the right software can prove to be a real headache.

To help you in your process, we are going to present 5 emailing tools.

What criteria to choose your emailing software?

Emailing is one of the most effective web marketing strategies for any business on the internet.

However, for your email campaigns to really work, you will need robust software that meets a number of criteria.

Here is a set of points that you should check before choosing your email marketing software.

email templates

Creating quality emails can be time consuming.

A plain text email can sometimes be sufficient. But to stand out and hit the mark with your readers, you will need to send quality, well-formatted emails with a modern and responsive design (suitable for mobile browsing).

A few years ago, achieving such results required a good knowledge of web languages ​​like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This is no longer the case today.

You no longer need to be a developer or have advanced technical knowledge to create a captivating and unique design for your emails.

All you need to do is import a preconfigured template and adapt it to your specific needs.

But not all email marketing software offers this functionality. This is why it is essential to check whether the tool offers models quality before you decide.

  • Conversion tunnels

Sending an email is often just one step in a larger process called a conversion tunnel or marketing funnel. This tunnel represents a set of steps and interactions with a prospect before they become a customer.

A good emailing software must integrate the essential elements of a conversion funnel such as contact forms, landing pages, thank you pages, etc.

email automation

“Email automation” offers you the possibility to automate your emailing campaigns to make them smarter and more efficient.

You can create scenarios for sending your emails, according to specific criteria such as a specific date or the action of a contact.

So you will be able to schedule your newsletters in advance. All you have to do is create the emails and set the sending dates and the list of targeted contacts.

Automation also allows you to segment and filter your contacts based on specific criteria. The goal is to create targeted lists of contacts to be able to send emails and personalized and relevant offers. Thus, qWhether you have a short or a long contact list, email automation can be very useful.

Automation will therefore be one of the most important factors in choosing your emailing software.

email analysis

You will not be able to improve your emailing campaigns if you cannot measure their results and evaluate their performance.

Information such as the open rate of your emails, the number of clicks on your CTAs, the evolution of the number of subscribers or the level of engagement of the various contact lists are crucial to optimize your emailing strategy.

This is why it is essential to choose an emailing solution that gives you access to this data in a simple and intuitive way.

You probably use multiple tools to build your marketing infrastructure. As your email marketing software is part of a larger whole, it should be able to integrate easily and work well with other tools.

Most of the tools on the market offer plugins and extensions allowing them to connect to a CMS like WordPress.

It is essential to check the integrations available on the tool and to ensure that they meet your specific needs and the configuration of your technical infrastructure.

What can we expect from free email marketing software?

If you think that you will have to spend a significant amount of money to use an effective emailing solution, you are going to be pleasantly surprised at all the possibilities offered by some free emailing software.

All the platforms that we are going to present to you offer you in addition to essential features, some advanced options such as automation and A / B Testing.

While our favorite software is completely free, the other solutions on the list adopt a so-called “freemium” model and also offer a paid version with more features.

However, the free version is still very useful and can meet your needs.

PS: we are not affiliated with any of these solutions and our analysis is objective and impartial.

5 free email marketing software to help you choose

# 1 Mautic

email marketing software mautic logo

Mautic is probably the best free email marketing software on the market.

Not only does it offer some very advanced features, but it is completely free and open source which means you can use it as much as you want and even modify it as needed.

Mautic sets itself apart from other tools because you won’t need a premium version to unlock its full potential. You can have everything unlimited and for free.

You will be able to build your list of subscribers with forms and landing pages, segment and manage your contacts, send as many emails as you want, set up automated campaigns with scenarios and much more.

The tool is developed and maintained by a large community of passionate developers which makes each new version more sophisticated than the previous one.

You can even add custom features with your own plugins if you master the PHP language.

Mautic however requires some technical skills in its implementation. But you can count on experts in marketing automation to help you.


  • Open source and completely free
  • Unlimited number of contacts and emails
  • Templates and conversion funnel elements
  • Marketing automation
  • Integrations with social networks
  • Analytic
  • Flexibility and customization

The lessers

  • Implementation requires advanced technical knowledge

# 2 Mailerlite
mailerlite logo

MailerLite is designed to be lightweight, easy-to-use email marketing software for small businesses.

It is mainly a tool that allows you to quickly and easily create newsletters while offering other advanced features such as landing pages and marketing automation.

The free version allows you to build a list of 1000 contacts and send 12,000 emails per month. It also includes automation functionality.

The tool also offers templates to facilitate the creation and design of emails, but they are unfortunately not available on the free version.


  • Intuitive tool is very easy to use
  • Automation and advanced features
  • Generous free version for small businesses

The lessers

  • Templates not available on the free version

# 3 Shipper

Sender is one of the easiest software to use. It offers an intuitive interface and a very smooth user experience.

Its free version allows you to build a list of 2,500 contacts and send 15,000 emails per month.

It also offers advanced features like marketing automation, forms and even push notifications.

In just a few clicks, you can segment your contacts into specific lists, create your automated scenarios and launch your campaigns.


  • Highly advanced automation options
  • Generous free version for small businesses
  • Templates

The lessers

  • Very limited available integrations

# 4 Omnisend

omnisend logo

Omnisend is another emailing tool that you can use to design your emails and send your newsletters. But unlike the other free emailing software we have mentioned so far, Omnisend is more e-commerce oriented.

Indeed the tool is designed to allow online stores to create and send emails that generate sales. For this, it offers features and options very specific to e-commerce needs.

For example, you can automatically add your products to your newsletters, segment your contacts on the basis of their purchasing behavior, or even use preconfigured automation scenarios to reactivate unsuccessful transactions (abandoned carts).

These features are unfortunately not available in the free version.

However, this tool remains very interesting because it allows you to send 15,000 emails as well as the use of contact forms, pop-ups, etc.


  • Very advanced e-commerce features.
  • Pre-configured templates and scenarios
  • Free version very generous in terms of emails sent

The lessers

  • E-commerce features not available in the free version

# 5 Moosend

moosend logo

Here is a free emailing software that pleasantly surprised us. The tool offers all the features you will need whether you are a small or a large business.

The free version only allows you to add 1000 contacts, but that’s really its only limit.

You can benefit from all the features, including the most advanced, free of charge.

What we liked the most about this tool is the drag and drop editor which allows you to create captivating and 100% personalized emails without writing a line of code.


  • Very powerful drag and drop editors
  • Automating
  • Access to all features in the free version
  • Templates
  • Integrations with other software and tools

The lessers

  • The implementation of the tool a little complex

This is our article coming to an end. But before letting you go, we would like to remind you that the biggest advantage of free email marketing software is that it can be tested without any constraints.

So don’t limit yourself to just one tool from the start. Test them all and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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