Communicating Wine: The Five International Cases of Social Media Marketing (Really Cool)

Communicating Wine: The Five International Cases of Social Media Marketing (Really Cool)

We found it particularly interesting to zoom in on the world of communication and the brand identity of certain renowned brands in the world of wine.

And just to look for new ideas to then dump on the Italian scene, or from which companies and wineries but also Italian brand managers and social media specialists could be inspired, we decided to bring five cool cases internationally at our virtual table.

1st case – Kim Crawford

The first example we want to highlight is the brand Kim crawford, a mark of origin Australian which owes its fame thanks and especially to the American market which seems to particularly appreciate both the type of wines produced and the strategic communication adopted by the brand.

Kim Crawford has a style fresco, sparkling e plugged; and although communication – precisely on the basis of a stereotype – seems designed for a female audience, the brand makes it known that Kim Crawford products are also very popular with male audiences. The links between the site and social networks are well studied and it is strong brand identity himself who has put in place really effective communication campaigns, starting with “Simple” hashtags from the country.

2nd case – Vila Viniteca

Authentic shop wine in Spain is based onskills and to passion of family, for 3 generations.

With Vila Viniteca

we were able to appreciate the beauty of collaborations target e studied at the table: the involvement of well-known faces, such as starred chefs and restaurants, in the creation of digital content, for Vila Viniteca is certainly a must and their profile Instagram he tells it very well.

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