Coil announcements are coming

Coil announcements are coming

After the successful testing in some countries, today we are announcing the Rolled ads around the world. Reels is the best place to get noticed by people who don’t know you and represents an increasingly popular scene where you can discover brands and designers.

Reels Ads will help businesses reach a wider audience, allow people to discover new and interesting content created by the brand and the designer.

Roll ads

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Ads will appear in the most popular sections of reel content such as the Reels tab, Stories, Between Reels in Explorer and in Stream. Like ads in Stories, ads for Reels will also be a full screen and vertical, and will appear at intervals between individual coils, with a duration up to 30 seconds. People will be able to comment, like, view, save and even share all of Reels’ ads.

Reels is a great way to discover new content on Instagram, which is why the ads are heading in this direction. For brands, this means having a creative new way to interact with their audience.

Justin Osofsky says, chief operating officer Instagram.

As with any other Instagram ad, we will provide users with the ability to control which ones appear as reels, for example, by giving them the ability to ignore, hide or report unwanted advertising.

For more information on creating aCoil announcement, visit the Instagram help center.

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