Clubhouse announces finalists for its “ Creator First ” development support program

Clubhouse announces finalists for its “ Creator First ” development support program

Amid increasing competition on various fronts, Clubhouse has ad the first series of projects selected as finalists for its Creator First Acceleration Program, which will provide the winning proposals with support and funding to help them develop their clubs and venues in the app.

This first ad

includes a range of projects that will move on to the next selection phase – as explained by Clubhouse:

“We have been blown away by the depth and diversity of ideas offered by the community and look forward to future opportunities to work with even more creators as this program grows. Narrowing down the list was the hardest part, but today we’re excited to bring you the shows that will be featured in the pilot season. “

The “ pilot season, ” Clubhouse says, is a reference to the entertainment industry’s process of focusing on winning ideas by ordering “ dozens of pilots or proof of concept episodes ” to have a better idea of ​​their destination and likely audience. reply.

The 50 shortlisted projects include a wide variety of topics and ideas, including a internet scavenger hunt, a recurring UFO and alien-focused show, a weekly LGBTIA-inclusive performance series, and a space for sober people to explore and integrate alternative recovery methods.

The pilot season process will now allow more Clubhouse users to hear more of these concepts, before the Clubhouse team ultimately narrows the list to the 20 finalists who will move on to the implementation phase.

“Over the next few weeks, these selected finalists will be sharing their pilot episodes with everyone on Clubhouse. You will hear from creators around the world including the US, Indonesia, UK, Argentina, Canada, Colombia and Japan on such broad topics. – depending on your expectations from our community. Whatever your interests – from sports and space, to mediums and psychedelics, to history and healthcare – there is something for everyone. All pilots will be greeted live at the Clubhouse from May 10 via the Clubhouse headquarters. “

In his original announcement of its Creator First accelerator program, Clubhouse said it would provide the 20 program participants with equipment (if needed), development support and brand sponsorship opportunities. Clubhouse will also ensure that those who make the final cut receive at least $ 5,000 in guaranteed monthly income for the period in which they participate.

This is a key initiative for Clubhouse, because if all of its major broadcasters eventually leave, there will be little left for it.

Which is now a much greater risk, because with Twitter, Facebook and Reddit all are launching their own Clubhouse-type features (among other), the options for streaming audio on social media are multiplying, and creators can already reach a much larger audience through these other, more established apps.

Clubhouse’s growth, and subsequent reach, is still limited by its invite-only approach, while it still lacks an Android app (though it is to get closer). These limitations now pose an existential threat to the once rapidly growing platform, which also now sees a significant decrease in download dynamics, as big-name stars begin to test the waters of alternative audio social tools.

Clubhouse downloads per month

This is why the Creator First program is so important, as Clubhouse needs to keep these creators around, while also selecting the right ones that will keep listeners coming back, and maybe even expand the use case for the tool, is also. essential in order to maximize the opportunities of the application while it can. Before these alternative audio platforms capture its full potential audience and leave it as a footnote in the larger social audio trend.

What increasingly seems to be where it is headed.

Clubhouse can still recover, it still has the opportunity to find its niche in the social space and establish its use case in an increasingly crowded market. But this graphic above is not good, especially at the start of the play.

Perhaps the selected creators will help bring the app back to life, while also rekindling the interests of the audience. But without full and open access, including an Android app, the long-term outlook isn’t too positive at this point.

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