Club Talks: Building knowledge together |  Pharmacy club

Club Talks: Building knowledge together | Pharmacy club

At the Pharmacy Club, we believe that good education is essential to provide the best service and advice to patients. And, to support you in your training, in 2021 we created Club Talks, a series of webinars organized by the Pharmacy Club in which we will address topics that are very relevant and useful for pharmacy professionals. Next, we tell you more about Club Talks:

How often do club discussions take place?

Club Talks webinars take place monthly.

What topics are covered in club discussions?

In the different Club Talks, we will have professionals from different areas of the sector to address the day-to-day aspects of your pharmacy that generally generate the most doubts.

For example, we started with taxation with Juan Antonio Sánchez and the Cardiovascular Risk category with Asun Arias, we continued with the role of pharmacy in the face of allergies with Dr Letrán, a practical workshop on the service of pharmaceutical indication in heartburn. (webinar hosted by Sefac) and what vitamin B does for your patients’ immune systems with Dr Goday.

The next Club Talks webinar will take place on June 10 and will be dedicated to skin healing with Mª José Alonso as a speaker.

How long are the Club Talks?

Club Talks webinars last an hour and a half, or 60 minutes for the expert presentation and 30 minutes for resolving doubts.

How do I check the dates of the next webinars?

in this connect on our website you will find information on upcoming webinars. In addition, if you have subscribed to our newsletter, we will notify you in advance and we will also communicate the next dates via the social networks of the Club.

Can I review previous Club Talks webinars?

Yes, if you cannot watch the webinar live or want to watch it again to review the concepts, you can do so by following this procedure. connect from our website.

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Date of last modification: 05/17/2021

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