Choosing your Corporate Social Network: The steps to follow

Choosing your Corporate Social Network: The steps to follow

We have already spoken to you corporate social networks, how to launch and animate them and above all the benefits they can bring to your business. These new platforms have quickly established themselves at the heart of successful companies and we can only advise you to get started too. To help you get started, we unveil the essential steps to choose your corporate social network.

What is a corporate social network?

Before we begin, let’s quickly go back to the basics for those who do not yet know corporate social networks. It is internal platforms of a company, allowing to optimize the collaboration between the members of the organization. Their benefits are numerous, whether in time and productivity savings but also concerning the understanding between the collaborators.

Now let’s see concretely what features make up a corporate social network and especially which ones suit your needs.

Know the different features

The features are numerous and may depend on the platform used, but here are the main ones that you absolutely must find in a corporate social network :

Information sharing

As with any social network, sharing information between users is a basic feature. This will allow all your employees to access documents, photos or other important information quickly. A real time saving for project management.

Real-time messaging

Another essential part of a good corporate social network, a messaging system allows your employees to exchange in real time, in groups or in private. These messaging services are also often supplemented by a video conference to use for important meetings.

Project management

A CSR also contains a multitude of tools allowing you to manage your projects more easily: planning, tables, task list, etc. Additionally, you can assign members to groups based on the projects they are working on.

Choose the ones that suit you

You now know the most important features, but there are many more! But beware, the corporate social network offering the most features is not necessarily the best. You must choose the one offering you the ones you need.

To do this, just ask yourself: what problems do I encounter today in my organization?

Define your needs for your corporate social network

Getting started with acquiring a corporate social network can help you grow your business, but it’s a decision not to be taken lightly. Indeed, it will have repercussions on your organization and your budget. So don’t choose the first solution you find on the internet.

To find the right corporate social network for you, you must first define your needs.

What are your needs for collaboration in the company?

Your organization has been put to the test by containment and teleworking ? Have you heard from some of your staff about communication problems? Or have you never taken the time to ask them for feedback on this subject? This step is the opportunity to do it! Ask questions about problems encountered or possible improvements.

These feedbacks are essential to choose a CSR solution that will improve collaboration within your company. Better organization will allow better project management and therefore better productivity.

What are your goals ?

Now that you have a better idea of ​​the organizational issues in your business, you need to define your goals.

Facilitate communication between your employees and your various departments? Mutualize all your channels of discussion and information exchange? Have a storage platform for your documents?

These questions allow you to identify your needs and therefore choose the right corporate social network for your organization.

Who needs a CSR?

Once installed in your company, this CSR will be used by most of your employees. It is therefore essential to identify the main users and involve them in the decision-making process. Listen to them and let them test the different solutions considered. The best corporate social network will be the one that is appreciated and understood by its users.

Otherwise, you run the risk of being confronted with dissatisfaction and misuse of your CSR. Which will reduce its profits for your business.

What is your budget ?

A corporate social network at a cost. Although this investment can quickly pay off thanks to increased productivity, you must decide on your budget in advance. This will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises and wasted time testing solutions that are too expensive for you.

These steps are the basis for choosing a corporate social network. They allow you to better understand what you need and therefore what you are looking for. But there are other steps to make sure you choose the right CSR.

For discover the next 3 steps, plus a bonus, I invite you to download this free white paper, detailing all the elements to take into account to make the right choice.

Discover the next steps!

Compare the different corporate social networks on the market

Thanks to the previous steps, you now know what you need, but there may be more than one corporate social network that matches these criteria. It is therefore time to proceed to a reference to compare all these platforms.

To do this, compare the important criteria such as functionality, price, ease of use, etc. Also think about test the different solutions to give you an opinion on each.

Again, I advise you to read the free white paper suggested above for more details on this step and the following ones.

One last tip before setting off to find your ideal corporate social network: think about the after! Choosing the right CSR is important but after that you still have to deploy it correctly within your company for fast and optimal results.

For that I recommend you to follow the free checklist of the 15 key steps to follow to properly deploy your corporate social network.

Download the checklist for free!

You now know all the essential steps to choose the right corporate social network. We even offer you bonus a complete checklist of the steps to follow to set up your CSR once you find it.

Have you already set up such a platform within your organization? What do you think ?

We are waiting to read your opinions in the comments area!

If you are still not convinced, here are all profits that your organization can remove from a corporate social network.

Corporate social network | Strengthen the links between your employees

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