Case of very successful marketing campaigns⭐

Case of very successful marketing campaigns⭐

Create a advertising campaign achieving the results we propose is not always possible. There are many elements that we need to make it happen, including organization, creativity, originality, etc. the best way to learning goes through successful marketing cases.

And it is that, if something abounds in this union, it is the thousands of companies which approach their customers with the typical expressions of “We are the best in the sector!”, “It has our team of experienced professionals”, “Thank you with our 500 years of experience, we will offer you the best service”.

This, unfortunately, no longer works and is not effective, which many have yet to see.

In this article, we’re going to go over some of the most successful marketing cases, Brilliant advertising campaigns that excite us, we nostalgia or hit the mark. The kind who just after destroying us, they know how to give us what we need to feel again or to be happy.

Don’t miss a single one, we’ll show you which ones have been the most popular and have been successful in sweeping the market.

Volkswagen Beetle: one of the most successful early marketing campaigns

We can’t talk about marketing today without even mentioning one of the ads that has revolutionized the industry the most. This has change the way advertising was advertised and how the customer approach was perceived.

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In 1959, the Volkswagen brand was looking for ways to advertise its new Volkswagen Beetle and trying to change the bad reputation of this model due to its connection to Nazi Germany. On top of that, its odd shape was not at all appealing to families looking for a large and functional vehicle.

Eventually, the way companies approached consumers changed. In this announcement, the brand puts itself in the shoes of its potential buyers and provides only negative information about the car.

This revolutionary way of presenting oneself made it one of the successful marketing cases. with more impact in the story, marking a before and after in the way we advertise.

The Christmas lottery – examples of the most effective advertising campaigns

If there is something that we also look forward to with nougats and the Three Kings, it is the new Christmas lottery announcement. Year after year this has managed to become one more element of the holidays, whether festive with the colored lights or the tree.

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Where does your incredible success lie? By turning the purchase of a tenth into another Christmas tradition. Their ads are emotional, they represent everyday situations, full of those feelings that mark these dates so well.: being with the family, appreciating our loved ones, sharing, giving, being in solidarity and helping others.

Unintentionally, you see yourself reflected in their stories, and not buying a tenth at work is suddenly unthinkable. The illusion we felt as kids at Christmas is carried over to getting our own ticket and being able to share it with those we love.

Campofrío: an example of when you know your audience well

Since we are talking about successful marketing cases at Christmas, we cannot forget the last announcements that Campofrío made on the same dates and that they are a clear example of a company that knows its target well and knows how to respond to it.

In her, humor and emotion These are the key elements that drive the events described by each advertisement. These are two of the great pillars of Spanish culture, and a very clever way to show the brand as part of it.

They opt for an optimistic, joyful and informal image with some of the most famous faces of the Spanish comedy scene. Among them, we find Quique San Francisco, Silvia Abril, Andreu Buenafuente, Iker Jiménez, David Broncano, Jordi Hurtado … in any case, the most emblematic characters who have marked and continue to mark Spanish society with a humorous touch that only we know how to show.

Always and its #LikeAGirl: one of the most viralized marketing campaigns

In 2014, the sanitary napkin brand set out to change the world, and took the hashtag #LikeAGirl to do so, alluding to quintessentially macho comments such as “You fight like a girl.”

In this ad, 13-year-olds are asked to run like a running girl. Boys and girls fall into typical stereotypes, run waving your hands and in a ridiculous manner.

However, the same is required of 10-year-old boys and girls. Without thinking too much they begin to run with strength, energy and as they would in any circumstance. In a second, they show us how society decides for women how they should be.

And, according to the Always brand itself, 73% of girls believe the company is limiting them. What better way to market your products than by talking about empowerment and going beyond set limits?

What makes these successful marketing cases?

There is a pattern, or certain elements that are repeated in these campaigns, that can encourage us to apply them to ours. Achieving the same impact and reach is not impossible if we take them as an example and adopt these aspects little by little.

Here is a summary of the ones that are totally essential and that you should start developing from today:

  • Know what audience you are addressing. Design a very detailed ideal customer model, someone who would buy your product yes or yes, and build your marketing campaign around it. This will ensure a much higher conversion.
  • Arouse emotion in the audience. One thing you need to be clear about: You cannot leave your audience indifferent, otherwise your business is lost. It is not worth proclaiming it as the best, nor praising the quality of your services. Evoking positive or negative emotions is what will make you mark your client.
  • Don’t try to get everyone to like you. Another mistake that is made very often is not to be segmental and to remain generic. In other words, do not show a strong personality. If we forget to want everyone to like us, we take an authentic photo and make sure that, for better or worse, we are being talked about. Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries or break down barriers, it will help you go even more viral.

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