candidati according to the Ninja Awards

candidati according to the Ninja Awards

In a year like this, there are many stories that deserve to be recognized. Companies, people and projects that have succeeded in turning the discomforts of the pandemic into opportunities for renewal and growth. To change the rules of the game.

N-Conference, the Visionary corporate event Ninja programmed May 27 and 28, 2021 in digital edition, symbolically reward ten. And the public will decide the winners among those who have distinguished themselves in the digital industry for technology, approach and values.

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➡️ Applications: until May 9, 2021
Until May 9, it will be possible to leave your preference for the ten applications available via the online form.

➡️ Appointment: May 20-26, 2021
The personalities who received the most preferences during the application phase will enter a public nomination in which everyone can express their consent.

➡️ Prize giving: May 27 and 28, 2021
At N-Conference 2021, the public will vote live, among the most deserving nominations, companies, people and projects for each category.

>> Apply now and get voted to win one of the Ninja Awards <

I 10 Ninja awards

To apply, you must belong to one of the following categories:

Ninja Celebrity

An award dedicated to the public figure who has been able to use marketing and communication to create authority and recognition by promoting innovative ideas and approaches.

Ninja Talent

Recognition dedicated to the professional who has distinguished himself, especially in the Ninja community, by his talent and his passion, creating a concrete impact with the activities carried out.

Ninja Marketer

An award dedicated to the Marketing Manager and his team who, within the company, have succeeded in creating a project or an activity aimed at generating value for the brand through a distinctive approach and communication.

Ninja HR

Recognition dedicated to HRD and to the company which in human resources management has stood out for their people management activities and for an innovative corporate culture.

Ninja Company

A recognition dedicated to the company which has distinguished itself through innovation, approach and values, becoming a benchmark in its sector.

Ninja culture

A recognition dedicated to the personality and to the ideas which have become inspiring and which carry the social and spiritual evolution of the company.

Chief ninja

Recognition to the entrepreneur who has created an innovative philosophy in his company by promoting human resources and an innovative approach to business.

Ninja Media

A recognition of the editorial reality that has succeeded in creating a concrete and positive transformation in the field of media and digital entertainment.

Ninja Agency

Recognition of the most innovative agency which has succeeded in integrating creativity with a strong technological component into its DNA to support the activity of its clients.

Ninja Advantage

Recognition to the non-profit organization (or charitable enterprise) that has succeeded in creating a significant impact by dedicating itself to the preservation of the environment or to social inclusion.

>> Would you like to receive an award on the N-Conference stage? Apply now and vote for the Ninja Awards <

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