Burger King, Covid vaccine for employees and 4,000 Italian restaurateurs

Burger King, Covid vaccine for employees and 4,000 Italian restaurateurs

Burger King Restaurants Italy adheres to the company’s vaccination campaign proposed by the authorities. “Back to the competitors” is the new campaign launched by the fast food chain, which is committed to making its facilities and health medical staff available to immunize its population against COVID-19 4 thousand employees who work in restaurants all over Italy.

In addition, the company, aware of the serious economic impact of the pandemic on catering and of the difficulty for many operators to join the vaccination campaign on their own, promoted the same opportunity for 4000 other small restaurateurs from all over Italy with no more than 4 employees (restaurants, pizzerias, bars, ice cream parlors, sushi, kebabs): a possibility, completely free, for around 1,000 companies across the country that will be able to book immediately for the COVID-19 vaccination.

Burger King invitation to major restaurant players

“Going back to our competitors is a project that Burger King is implementing across the country,” he explains. Alessandro Lazzaroni, CEO of Burger King Restaurants Italy.

“Any restaurateur, from Sicily to Friuli, who has a business with less than 4 employees and whose turnover is less than 500,000 euros in 2019 can pre-join via the dedicated platform www.torniamoconcorrenti.it

. To date, we are the only company in Italy to offer vaccinations, as well as for its employees, also for colleagues in the sector, but our goal is precisely to invite other major players to do the same, to push the restarting the sector as much as possible, so that it can return to 100% safe operations as soon as possible ”, he underlines Lazzaroni.

“Normality” it means for Burger King to return to the levels of pre-pandemic competition: “Taking note of the serious moment that the restaurant world is going through, we have chosen to pay the same attention to small operators in the sector as we devote to our employees. This is an additional opportunity that is in addition to the ordinary method of vaccination, without in any way disadvantaging the vaccination schedule reserved for all citizens – Alessandro Lazzaroni insists – Small entrepreneurs are a fundamental part of the Italian economic fabric and our aim is to give them a hand and to return as quickly as possible to healthy and lively competition. Therefore, we invite other major players in the restaurant business to do the same and to follow our good example. It is an important act of social responsibility to be accomplished in order to accelerate the overcoming of the pandemic and to make an incisive and concrete contribution to facilitate the restart “.

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Government approval of the initiative

The support of the institutions with which Burger King has entered into a dialogue is significant, submitting the project to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the Presidency of the Conference of the Regions.

Appreciation for the initiative of Andrea Orlando, Minister of Labor and Social Policies. The campaign, in fact, will 8,000 workers in total get vaccinated, without discrimination between large and small businesses.

“An important step towards recovery”, which is also associated with Massimiliano Fedriga, President of the Conference of Autonomous Regions and Provinces: “I particularly enjoyed the Burger King vaccination project. A virtuous collaboration between institutions and important private realities, also taking into account the territorial capillarity that it aims to achieve, which will allow small restaurateurs, after the vaccine, to be able to resume their activities with more safety ”.

“The need for fast and safe recovery is becoming more and more pressing – he adds. Lino Enrico Stoppani, President of Fipe Confcommercio (Italian Federation of Public Stores) – The availability of equitable and non-discriminatory vaccines between different countries is above all an act of civilization and a prerequisite for a rapid return to normality, also guaranteeing the fair economic competition necessary for the survival of many productive sectors in coincidence with the date of the reopening of tourism. From this point of view, the project proposed by Burger King represents an important step and we hope that other large catering companies will also plan similar initiatives ”.

A stimulus to solidarity, as in the previous, ironic and disruptive campaign “Ordered from McDonald’s”

With “Back to the competitors”, Burger King Restaurants Italia wants to make its concrete contribution to a rapid recovery. A stimulus to solidarity for the entire sector, even if it competes, as in the previous campaign, “Ordinate da McDonald’s”, done with a tongue-in-cheek letter / appeal, absolutely out of the box, posted on Twitter, which read: “Order from McDonald’s. We never thought we would ask. Like we never thought we would encourage you to order from KFC, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Five Guys, Greggs, Taco Bell, Papa John’s , Leon or any other dish.. Store, the list of which is too long to list here. In short, from one of our sister food chains, (fast or not fast). We never thought we would ask, but restaurants that employ thousands of workers need your So if you want to continue pampering yourself with delicious food in delivery, take out or by car. “

The Torniamoconcorrenti.it platform is already active. Employees and restaurateurs will be contacted according to the schedule agreed with the individual regional authorities.

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