Brands celebrate Mother’s Day with a hymn to strength and determination

Brands celebrate Mother’s Day with a hymn to strength and determination

Being a mother is not just a fact. Women, since their pregnancy, face difficulties in many areas.

For several years the female world is fighting to see recognized I own rights, especially in the world of work where few companies view the pregnancy of an employee with negativity. Women who choose to become pregnant often find themselves forced to give up a good salary or make choices that reduce their employment.

Last year, during the pandemic, the situation worsened: with the closure of kindergartens and schools in general, many women had to give up their jobs to take care of their families. Sacrifice, discrimination, inequality: today, it also means “to be a mother”.

Brands celebrate Mother’s Day as a celebration of the strength, determination and courage of women of all kinds who struggle against stereotypes and discrimination.

Nike – The toughest athletes

Women who train and who go beyond their limits, their obstacles. Like mothers who train every day to overcome the daily challenges of life. “If they are not the athletes, then no one is ”. Nike, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, is launching its new M collection, dedicated to new shapes and designed for “support women in the ultra marathon that we call motherhood “.

Thus the brand shows its support for mothers. Not only as women but also as workers in the world of sport. Nike is a new warranty policy gods maternity rights, recently born after the controversy raised by several athletes who saw their wages cut by half by 70% by Nike. Discrimination that has penalized not only the careers of athletes and that of Allyson felix, the American face of athletics, but also theirs professional dignity.

Nivea – Back home

During the pandemic millennials were among the most penalized when it comes to job. Many were forced to leave their independence and return to live with their parents, as in adolescence. Relationships with relatives were strained: impatience, spaces and times are no longer shared. Nivea reminds us that in the face of life’s most frustrating trials, there is always someone who will take care of our concerns. Even as “adults”.

Microsoft Teams – Happy Mother’s Day (2020)

For almost two years, the global situation has forced mothers to work differently. the smart work tests the patience and determination of working mothers who juggle virtual meetings, calls and forays from their children. But they do, thanks to the force that drives them to do their best, always.

Pampers – Mothers’ Day

Not being good enough is the number one concern of nine in ten mothers, according to Pampers survey. Rather, the brand encourages them for the excellent work by showing with the eyes of their children how much Power they protest every day, at home and at work.

Hallmarked gold crown – Dear Mom (2020)

Practice and patience lead to perfection, although often it is overrated. These are the words of a disabled teenager who thanks her mother with a letter for all the love and endless support he has given her never to make her feel different from others. The young girl, aware of her small difficulties faced with the support of her mother, wishes her a Happy Mother’s Day with a dedication: “dear mom i am who i am thanks to you“. Perfection is such in the gestures of love.

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Carolina Herrera – #CallYourMom

Call your mom. The brand invites us to always leave a space between the thousands of daily commitments to share with the most precious affection remember the most beautiful and sincere that we have.

Carhartt – The change that never ends

Between you work harder of course you have to have a mother and take care of the family. Unlike any other job, in this one there are no schedules, no shifts, no rest. For Mother’s Day, the best thing to give is to take some of the endless daily responsibilities away from her: give her a little rest.

Samsung –Make mom epic

Samsung knows how cool our moms can be. The brand urges its users to show them and affirm how awesome they are, each for their own and simple authenticity.

Tesco – Mothers’ Day (2020)

For children, there is no difference between biological and non-biological mothers. Speaking to this place are the adopted boys, who show their gratitude to their “real mothers” who took care of them with the same renunciation of a biological parent.

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P&G – Love leads to good (Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games)

With P&G, we never doubt the emotion of its messages, always intended for the value of parents and the sacrifices made for their children. The spot, for the Olympic Games postponed from Tokyo 2020, is not explicitly dedicated to Mother’s Day but fits perfectly into the atmosphere of this day. This time the brand is focusing on good teachings and on values that a parent infuses his children. Kindness, compassion, respect for the weakest: we must always do the right thing even when it seems difficult, especially for our pride.

P&G is never wrong, like mom.

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