Brand content

Brand content

How to build your personal brand or that of your company to position it well in its market? How to stand out from the competition and be visible to your audience? Marketing positioning is the cornerstone and the starting point of any branding strategy. It is useful for both the brand of his company and his personal brand.

Companies or brands traditionally praise their history, their values ​​or their know-how. With a refined brand content strategy, they can develop their customer base while increasing the chances of a purchase act and have credibility and a good reputation.
According to several studies carried out by the Ipsos polling institute and Logica Business Consulting, a European IT service company, 91% of American companies in the BtoC sector would use brand content and 66% of Internet users would prefer a brand that offers them information like articles, files, interviews on their site. 59% of them would buy more products and services if the company offers informative content. Through media such as blogs, companies would receive 67% more leads and 97% more links to their website, than those that do not. Aware of the strengths of brand content, brands and companies demonstrate with their content, originality and creativity to attract consumers.

Build an effective branded content strategy

If you want to build a powerful and effective branded content strategy, there are several principles to follow. First of all, you have to put in place an editorial line that takes into account the positioning of the company, its style, tone and values ​​as well as the storytelling to be achieved.

Then your strategy branded content must involve constant content production to capture the attention of consumers. But quantity should not take precedence over quality. You must therefore simultaneously entertain, inform and share while being original, creative and innovative. In this case, there are several ways to stand out from the competition. This is particularly the case for formal articles, containing low written content and which favor video and photo formats, or feature articles which focus on a defined theme and with high added value, or quite simply white papers. You will have to think about what medium your brand content campaign will be likely to generate an audience: there are several such as sites and blogs, professional platforms such as LinkedIn or networks such as Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.
Your image on social networks gives birth to your “e-reputation”. The same goes for your business and / or brand. However, we must clearly distinguish the brand image or “branding”, that desired by the company, from e-reputation, which refers to that which is perceived. It is the set of representations and value judgments conveyed on the web and associated with a given entity. In a hyper-competitive world, sending a quality image is a considerable advantage in terms of standing out. If over-mediatization remains an effective means by investing in particular in advertising, resorting to social networks also makes it possible to build a lasting image.

Storytelling: building a story.

It is the art of staging a company, an individual, a project, a concept through the story that must be linked to the company values or its founder. Its objective is to arouse emotions and obtain the support of customers, partners …

Brand content creation steps

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