Boost your sales as an Affiliate by offering culinary and gourmet products

Boost your sales as an Affiliate by offering culinary and gourmet products

In recent years, people’s relationship with food has changed. With restaurants closed and free time at home, families began to congregate more in the kitchen to practice recipes inherited from the family, venturing into cooking home-cooked meals.

In this way, online courses have also sprung up to encourage people to create sophisticated or traditional dishes, always striving for quality and also trying to add monthly income by selling homemade products.

People have changed their eating habits

According to “Food Trends Report 2021”, a survey carried out by Galunion, a consulting firm specializing in food, the concern for healthy food has transformed people’s habits, causing the act of cooking to cease to be tiring work and, at the same time, to become a necessary and equally enjoyable activity.

Promoting the experience of cooking yourself involves several issues that are taken into account such as:

  • try new recipes;
  • improve old recipes;
  • buy better and fresher ingredients;
  • learn new cooking techniques.

And how can this increase your affiliate sales? We tell you now!

With the booming food market, products related to cooking and dining can be promising and good for advertising. Following this trend and always thinking about how to help you leverage your sales and earn extra income, we are releasing the special carousel Cooking in practice in the Hotmart affiliate market. Read on to find out more!

Cooking in practice: offering culinary and gastronomic products

Between July 5 and July 31, 2021, Hotmart will make a special carousel called “Cooking in practice”. Taking advantage of the fact that cooking at home has been a trend over the past year, you will be able to affiliate with products related to cooking and dining and can start preparing your marketing and sales strategies.

How to access the special carousel in the affiliate market

To access the carousel on the platform, just follow this path:

  1. To connect to Hotmart (if you are already logged in, just follow the rest of the steps);
  2. click on it Market in the left menu;
  3. Click on the carousel “Cooking in practice”;
  4. Just browse the products and check which one is the most suitable for you to promote.

If you want to jump straight from here, just click below:

Secret Recipe To Increase Your Sales By Promoting Products As An Affiliate

Since it is about Cooking in practice, we give you a little recipe to boost your sales, by promoting culinary and gastronomic products.

Ingredient 1: Have a good relationship with the producer

Always be close to the producer of the product you choose to promote. Be available to talk and discuss the ideas you have to promote the product and how you can together attract more customers and sell more.

Ingredient 2: Create promotional material

The Producer or Producer can offer ready-to-use material to publicize the product you are going to promote. If it doesn’t, create persuasive materials that make sense with the product you’re going to sell.

Ingredient 3: Learn how to create content sellers

What we call “seller content” is content that will convince your audience to take a specific action – like downloading material or making a purchase – using techniques that can make your offer compelling. So, create killer content to promote the products you are going to choose.

Ingredient 4: Write down everything you need to do, which is plan!

Set a schedule that sets a time for each stage of the job, set specific tasks like writing blog posts or posting on social media, set financial goals, and always have pen and paper for everything rate and organize yourself.

Ingredient 5: Work, work

Start as soon as possible to promote the products you have selected, implement actions and promotion campaigns in the channels with which you have chosen to work.

Finally, don’t forget: measure the results and prepare for the next campaigns, always asking yourself what you can improve.

Method of preparation

Mix all the ingredients together and get ready to reap the rewards of your dedication and effort. With well-organized outreach, you can successfully promote the products you have chosen to affiliate with.

Choose your product now and happy sales!

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