Blogger teacher, the basics to start

Blogger teacher, the basics to start

The world of blogging is not it’s limited to writing. Of course you have to post often and every time you write you have to give useful content, which respond to reader needs. No more no less. It happens? Perfect.

The world of blogging.

But this is not enough. The problem must be solved with greater decision. What does it mean to work in this sector and transform a passion into a profession of blogger? Here’s what you need to know to start a journey worthy of the attention.

Keep pace with the publication

There is no point in posting two, three, ten shit items, or news bounces from portal to portal that lands without force on your blog.

There’s no point in publishing just to make up the numbers, that’s clear. But if you publish quality content – complete, interested, full of ideas – you will be appreciated.

Posting articles in the rain can be viewed as a nuisance.

It happens with the newsletter, and I also decided to follow Mashable only via Facebook: becomes a nightmare.

I abandoned this blog thread because it was unmanageable. But let’s take the necessary proportions: we are talking about 10, 15 articles per day. How many articles do you publish? You should always keep a good rate of publication.

The frequency and pace of publication.

I believe an article a day doesn’t bother a feed reader. Indeed, to accustom readers to a daily appointment it’s one way to build a relationship.

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You need to focus on consistency

Do you have an idea? Go ahead and don’t change your mind after 4 articles. The flags move with the wind, bloggers are consistent. And they know how to admit their mistakes, but we’ll get to that later. For now, focus on this point: consistency!

Admit your blogging mistakes

Admit your mistakes and learn to step back at the right time. I don’t know of a worse blogger than the one who wants to be right at all costs.

Before confess forgetfulness, when you decide to tariff blogging, don’t forget to check. So apologize and if so use the error to create new conversations.

Take responsibility as a blogger

You have to take responsibility when expressing an opinion, when using the blog like a ram to strengthen yours point of view. Because in this way you give value to the blog.

The spine of your web space is the point of view, the opinion, the style which allows you to select the best sources, to tackle one subject rather than another. Personality is everything, but to value it you have to take responsibility.

Listen to your blog readers

How can you be blogger if you don’t listen to the audience? You will not meet the needs of the readers if you do not listen to the rumor that resounds on the forums, in the comments from other blogs.

Professional blogger
Hey, listen to your readers in the blogging profession.

Don’t pretend but really listen. Passionate about people’s voices, turn those expressions into meaningful and useful content. You can’t go back.

Take care of the blogging profession

It’s an invitation: you have to take care of your business, your readers, your publications. And above all, you have to take care of the details. These little things that they make the difference.

Does not exist detail so as not to deserve your attention. The difference between a blogger and a great blogger can be seen in the care that is infused into every corner.

You have to study and gain a lot of experience

What does it mean to be a blogger? Always improve. Experience is vital for a blog because it allows the author to solve complex problems, but above all because it is thanks to the experience transformed into text that we can make it unique your style.

This article. The article you are reading. It is not the result of imagination but of experience matured. Also in the Tutorial, even in the technical article, your experience should play a role. There must be to create a quality content.

why experience is important? The difference between your article and the competitor (or the one they want to copy) can be summed up in this intangible asset: the experience you have also acquired by studying the books for bloggers. Some examples?

Knowledge is not on the street: you earn it make mistakes, try, take on new challenges, read, frequent stimulating places and people.

Experience is formed, above all, when you question your firm points. Your false certainties. And you know what? Questioning certainties is tiring.

The job of blogger is difficult

Why should it be easy to manage a tool that can generate a source? Why should it be easy to reach 2,000 people a day?

The potential of your blog they are infinite. Seriously. I am not joking. You can talk to the whole world through your blog. There are people who earn millions of dollars a year (Chiara Ferragni) and live with dignity with the blog.

I do not have need program or parents to have a good word. I have my own domain, my website. But for make money with a blog you need commitment.

Keep your word to the reader

Did you promise something to the public? Don’t fail: it’s a good way to disappoint the reader, to bring a series of skepticism that will damage every word.

David Ogilvy
Learn to communicate with your readers.

You can’t allow that, you know. Keep your word keep his promises that you leave in the titles and those which announce initiatives, meetings and works.

Useful or unnecessary: ​​you make the difference

A blog could solve your problems. It could make a difference and help you find work online. It could be good for your business.

Or it could be totally useless. Yes, there is that possibility. A blog can change your life, or it can be pointless. It all depends on you, on the management choices you make. In my book I tell you about my method, but there is no certainty.

It cannot exist. Blogging is difficult. But why create a professional blog? it is the fate of beautiful things. Results only come for those who engage. And he has the intuition for grab on the fly the opportunities offered by the web. All. Holy. Day.

Invest in the profession of blogger

These transactions are unlikely to weigh on your bank account. But, of course, they need a constant commitment. This means that you must:

  • Invest time.
  • Invest resources.

It is not easy to take care of every detail of a personal blog but the same goes for a corporate blog: it takes time. It is not easy to apologize for your mistakes: you have to put aside your pride and look at your work objectively.

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Great blogger, great commitment

To apply the points you do not need economic resources: they are part of your style, of your social approach. But above all, they are related to your ability to share and use SEO writing techniques applied to blogs.

On social networks, on blogs, during speeches or during training: share a great value is the key to becoming a professional blogger. Do you think that’s enough to be a great blogger? Leave your idea in the comments.

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