Bionano Genomics is the company that maps human DNA to keep tabs on

Bionano Genomics is the company that maps human DNA to keep tabs on

It goes without saying that the pandemic of the past two years has put all of the most important global companies employed in the health sector and scientific innovation in the financial and non-financial spotlight: from those who have patented the systems of healthcare. tracking and transmission of viruses, to those who have recently launched the much dreaded and talked about vaccines on the market.

Experts have no doubts: investing in the health sector is the best choice today with a market of around $ 1 billion and $ 300 million.

On the podium companies and securities to pay attention to, we find in the first place Abbott Laboratories specialized in the diagnostic market.

The brand has had success with Covid-19 detection systems; the second is Johnson & johnson the largest scientific research company in the world and among the first to launch its own vaccine against Covid-19; third, the biotechnology company Modern, still engaged in the study of influenza vaccines, including pandemics; follows, but always with remarkable results, Vertex Pharmaceutical still used in the fight against cystic fibrosis.

In the wake of these big names we find Bionano genomics, one of the most technologically advanced companies in the world in the study of human DNA, with technologies capable of tracing the slightest variation with the ambitious goal of fighting diseases such as cancer and ALS.

Bionano Genomics, what the company that maps human DNA does

We could define Bionano genomics

as a technological and scientific innovation company, in which the former is at the service of the latter for the creation of increasingly advanced and precise tools capable of studying and identifying every small variation in human DNA, going to predict the development of genetic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease or multiple sclerosis.

One of the latest genomics products, and one believed to carry the greatest share of profits with figures ranging from 2 billion and 600 up to 3 billion and 800 dollars, is Saphyr one of the world’s most trusted genetic analysis technologies that the company aims to sell to hospitals, clinics and study centers in the years to come.

Saphyr, in fact, is a tool capable of analyzing cellular samples containing DNA and searching, by examining the genetics of the cells taken, for the possible presence of degenerative diseases.

In addition to the latest addition, the Californian company also has these products:

  • Bionano Chips: chips designed for recording and using the brand’s machines by transforming the received inputs directly into output images.
  • Bionano Sample Preparation Kits: Isolation and Labeling: kits available for sterile collection of DNA samples, optimal for preparing all material to be analyzed.
    These kits can be used on plant, animal or human cells, including bone.
  • Software supporting processing capable of communicating with the various technological systems of Bionano Genomics.

The strength of Bionano Genomics lies not only in its high technological profile, but also in providing its customers with a full service of chips and software for operation and advice, analysis and test results, also thanks to the recent acquisition of Lineage, which immediately becomes a dedicated division within the brand.

May 4 this year Bionano genomics also announced to have patented in the United States its own DNA Molecule Labeling System, after that was linearized into nanochannels.

This patent notably includes techniques for genetic mapping and analysis of parts of the genome under investigation. The aim is to continue to create and patent proprietary genetic investigation techniques, thus protecting intellectual property.

BNGO, Bionano Genomics at Nasdaq: growth and forecasts

Definitely “same stock”, that is to say among the actions that have become famous and in continuous growth not so much for the performance of the company that issues them, but more for the virality of it, BNGO (Bionano Genomics) it turned out to be a worthwhile investment, even though it started out with a price per share of 17 cents.

The growth of interest and value of Bionano Genomics increased between late 2020 and January 2021, when the company launched Saphyr and its applications, focusing not only on the area of ​​genetic mutations, but also on investigation. evolutionary viruses (such as COVID-19) and the different consequences on patients, often diametrically opposed.

Bionano Genomics has not escaped the fluctuations of typical stocks in the stock market, with forecasts that call for short-term highs and lows, but which in the long term can lead to good returns.

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I 2020 data they speak of an increase in the par value of the share from $ 3.08 at the start of the year to a maximum, reached in February, of $ 15.69.

The performance at one year, to underline the quality of the share over the long term, is therefore + 1703.32%.

Bionano Genomics said 2020 is the year of sowing with the launch of Saphyr, but 2021, thanks to more decisive financial stability, will be the year of expansion, with revenues of $ 335 million in the first quarter.

In May the results for the first quarter of 2021.

  • Reported revenue is $ 3 million and $ 200, with an increase of 179% over the year: double the estimated estimates
  • The net loss was $ 9.9 million, up from $ 10.5 million for the same period in 2020
  • Cash liquidity has experienced a positive evolution of 362 million, which against 38 million at the end of 2020 has clearly recorded an increase
  • The gross margin, compared to the 2020 gross margin over the same period, increased from 25% to 33%.

The field of medical innovation continues to assert itself as one of the sectors to which the attention of stock market investors is becoming increasingly attentive.

BNGO stock fluctuations can be viewed who

Bionano Genomics, words of the experts and news for the future

BNGO is truly the El Dorado who it seems for investors? Certainly, it is undeniable that the share and the value of the company has increased in recent years.

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The announcement in May of a patent for Bionano Genomics’ technology already shields the company from market attacks and gives the brand the opportunity to experiment and bring new products to market, such as Cytopia, a whole new project.

Cytopia is the new technology from Bionano Genomics that enables the exploration of DNA, not only of dysfunctions, but of the mapping itself, with the analysis of multiple cell samples in the fastest and most precise way possible.

It uses cytogenetics, that is to say the “microscope” analysis of each chromosome contained in the different cells, on which to check each small anomaly or change present.

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