Back to the brand.  Road to B2B Day 2021

Back to the brand. Road to B2B Day 2021

Every covid-19 ad is exactly the same.

Type this sentence on Youtube you will find yourself facing one of the sharpest drifts in the communications world, at least from the point of view of the author of this article: different brands saying the same things, in the same way.

Zero personality, zero spontaneity but above all a missed opportunity to create a brand differentiation, to create or widen the gap with the competitors. The feeling is that you are ready to bend, squeeze, a mark at every possible opportunity, until it loses its shape and characteristics. Or rather, forcing him to take from time to time the most comfortable form to ride the wave of the moment.

We are not.

If there is one thing that this year has become clearer than ever, it is that those who, while changing and adapting to a revolutionized context, are loyal to itself survives even storms of this magnitude. Those who cover empty, opportunistic brands with a dash of communication are really at risk.

We realized that building a brand, which rhymes with confidence, takes time, patience, perseverance and skills to insert consistent and repeated actions.
We understand that maintaining relationships over time pays off, especially when budgets are tight.
But above all, it is more evident than ever that we cannot ignore thelistening to customers he was born in market, to grasp their dynamics and understand the evolutions.

This is the reason that led us to build withCa ‘Foscari University of Venice a real Observatory investigate the state of marketing within B2B companies, with particular emphasis on the changes brought about by this pandemic. Surprises abound, guaranteed.

All this pappardella why? Because the B2B Day is back and we believe that there is still so much to say and to do about the brand that the protagonist will always be him, after the branding rooms last April, this time with even more data available to share with those who will be. part of the event.
We also got bored of going to webinars, so we enjoyed experimenting with new and unconventional ways of doing what we’ve always tried to do on B2B Day: stimulate reasoning through the experiences and visions of those who live. this world every day. But also by those who do something else, because they are of contamination of ideas that turn on light bulbs that we didn’t even know we had.

As in this period, questioning is never vital. Rethink. Imagine yourself different and better than before. The good guys will say that you only leave a trail if you are walking on a path that is not beaten.

Our ambition is to put us all in a position to do so.

Stay tuned.

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