Automate pricing with MarkMaat and the sales funnel to attract customers

Automate pricing with MarkMaat and the sales funnel to attract customers

It’s been a long time since I told you about MarktMaat. We have been developing the second price automation feature for a few weeks.

Market size This is my project to which I devote time on Friday. Right now, that is what it is. I have too much work and the other projects are also taking your time.

Creating a SaaS from scratch is probably one of the biggest challenges given that there are tools like Junglescout or Helium10. Who Said It Was Gonna Be Easy …? ;)

The new price automation feature and what’s to come

One of the main benefits that MarktMaat will bring will be for ourselves. We sell on Amazon with a target ROI of 50%. This semi-manual configuration will be done shortly by MarktMaat for us. For third parties, price automation will be free for 10 SKUs. If you want to use it for more, it will get paid. This is the classic Freemium model. It’s free until it’s no longer. Either way, you have to monetize. The value the customer receives justifies it.

Secondly, I would like to add rules. The one that interests me the most at the moment is to lower the prices of products which, for example, have been in stock for 1 year without being sold. The rule would be that if a product hasn’t made a single sale for more than 12 months, reduce the target ROI to 30%. If after a month it is still not sold, the ROI drops to 15%. You keep dropping the price to a point where you either don’t earn anything or even lose money. When I review Amazon Daily Sales, the orders that make me happiest are the ads that haven’t sold for a long time. This means that there is more cash available than expected. That the best sellers are sold is no surprise. The rest of the long tail products on the other hand, yes. This is just an example of a rule, so there may be many more related to competitive behavior in particular.

Our sales funnel to sell MarktMaat

With this new feature, it will be easier to attract new customers. The idea is to offer free webinars where we discuss how to automate prices. To prove it, guess which tool we’re going to use … ;)

Of course, the idea is that there are people who use it in the free version. After the webinars we even want to offer a free 30-60 minute 1: 1 consultation. Here the goal is already to configure MarktMaat and launch it for many users. A part of these will pass after a certain time to the payment part.

It’s a simple funnel that starts with Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns to promote webinars. We can also look for collaborations with Amazon influencers to help us reach more people. After you put the funnel, it will be a pickaxe and a shovel. No magic, just work and be consistent.

We will see what this brings to MarktMaat. It’ll be fun.

Stay tuned.


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