At the table and with friends, this is how the Italians will follow UEFA EURO 2020

At the table and with friends, this is how the Italians will follow UEFA EURO 2020

At the official start of EURO 2020, Just eat, leading app for ordering food at home online across Italy and around the world, and part of Just Eat, the global market leader in home delivery, conducted a survey * revealing a series forecasts on the food she will accompany the games this year. One in two Italians It is said looking forward to thestart of competitions and the84% stated how food is fundamental, with pizza in mind to follow the tournament from home with friends.

Italians and football: the new standard at UEFA EURO 2020

The four-week tournament, which kicks off today, sees the 43% of Italians ready to watch all EURO 2020 competitions, a percentage which increases if we look at the male segment (53%). After a year of delay, EURO 2020 represents a exciting moment for football fans across the continent and in Italy. Indeed, beyond the 47% of Italians say they follow football often e 39% say the restrictions do not affect habits, but watched the same number of matches. This is particularly true for the youngest, 18-24 year olds (20.5%) and 25-34 year olds (18%) who say they have watched more. On the other hand, 26.5% of those questioned admitted to having even watched twice as much.

But where will the Italians enjoy the games? Almost the 90% he said he will follow them comfortably of the House, but there are also those who plan to visit relatives (26%) or the bar (21%) to strengthen team spirit and sociability. Too, 51% plan to spend game nights with friends, a percentage that increases if you watch more tapes young people (73%), while 46% said they would see matches with their partner, a trend that is particularly true for women (55%).

Among the most important aspects for Italians in relation to football and to game viewing stands out from the general atmosphere (18.5%). For 20% of respondents, celebrating on the street with compatriots and other fans is one of the experiences we will miss the most compared to sporting events experienced in the years preceding the pandemic. And if 34% will not organize anything to compensate for this lack, 19% say they will connect online with other people to share impressions and emotions in real time, a percentage which increases if we look at women (22.5%) and the age groups 18-24 and 25-34 (24%). Other plans to get the most out of EURO 2020 games include 35% inviting friends, while 31% will watch more games than usual and 25% will order food from home.

Calcium-food: a perfect match

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The survey conducted by Just Eat has indeed highlighted how the food plays a central role in the tournament viewing experienceor. Although Italian fans don’t have a specific tradition when it comes to snacks (93%), 84% say food is an essential part of watching a football match, to be enjoyed mainly before kick-off (30%) or in the first half (29.5%). The choice is mainly on quick snacks (26%), followed by homemade meals prepared in advance (20%) or ordered thanks to the delivery of meals (15%).

Fans of Italian football depends on food at home mainly because it allows them to relax and focus on the game (33%), avoiding having to leave the house (30%) then miss match highlights (23%). When watching a game, 32% confirm that the most important thing is the taste of the food chosen, followed by the need to enjoy it while taking your time (21%), the quality (19%) and the possibility of sharing it (17%)).

As Italy prepares for matches with Turkey, Switzerland and Wales, research from Just Eat has revealed that Italians are particularly patriotic when it comes to food. L“89% of Italian fans have no doubts that their cuisine is the best, with pizza at the top of the podium of choices both in the event of victory (40.5%) and in the event of defeat as a form of comfort (27%). Pizza is the perfect dish to order for 67%, percentage increasing among women (71%), followed by fries (32%), loved especially by the youngest (42.5%), and by a beautifulHamburger (24%), which turns out to be the favorite of men (28%). Foods containing meat are also the favorite of 73% of respondents when they watch a game. Regarding drinks instead, for 67% beer is the perfect accompaniment, followed bythe water (36%), soft drink (26%) and one A glass of wine (16%).

By revealing the results of the report, Tiziana Bernabè, Senior Marketing Manager Just Eat Italia, he stated :

As the excitement continues to build for this year’s EURO 2020, it’s good see how many people are as passionate about food and football as we are. What our consumers across Europe have been telling us is that getting together to watch teams compete against each other, enjoy delicious food at home, it really is a perfect match. We are proud to sponsor EURO 2020 and look forward to seeing what will happen in the weeks to come.

Italy will open the tournament this Friday and you can watch the games from the comfort of your home while Italy takes part in these games: Friday June 11 with Turkey vs Italy (9:00 p.m. Rome), Wednesday June 16 with Italy vs Switzerland (9:00 p.m. , Rome) and Sunday 20 June with Italy against Wales (6 p.m., Rome).

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