AppGelato: the glacier can be found with the smartphone

AppGelato: the glacier can be found with the smartphone

There is a very useful and interesting application which concerns the world of glaciers and glaciers: AppGelato. Instead of telling you about it, I prefer to let you know better through the words of Pietro mambelli e Stella Saladin, communication manager for this application.

First of all, briefly what is AppGelato and who is it for?

This is the first free application in Italy dedicated to Homemade ice cream and glaciers, thanks to geolocation the user can find the glacier closest to him. Search not only the surrounding area, but also by the name of the ice cream store itself or by preferred flavor. In addition to the app, there is also a newly renovated portal, which is in fact the first dedicated ice cream search engine on the web, to find ice cream parlors, flavors as well as events and information about the world. ice cream.

How did the idea to create this app come about, when and by whom?

Appgelato was born eating ice cream with an I-phone in his hand; the idea arose immediately after careful research of what tool in stores could help Gelato Gluttony… there was nothing! Here, in March 2013, Nicoletta Conficconi eating an ice cream decided that for Italy, an application dedicated to homemade ice cream was absolutely necessary!

What can a business (ice cream maker) do with this app and what benefits can it derive from it?
The application allows ice cream parlors to do more promotion, to have one available virtual showcase, use a new communication channel that is in the pocket of 78% of Italians: the smartphone! In fact, it is possible by activating the application create coupons and promotions aimed at customers, via push notification; in addition, the ice cream parlor can receive orders from the APP, give information about its ice cream flavors, attract new customers and keep those already acquired. Appgelato is also the 1st application that offers FREE geolocated insertion in the glacier map and the only network that puts glaciers online on all devices: web and mobile. And if the glacier wants to have a more solid promotional tool that includes the storefront and all the services we have talked about, all that remains is to take out an annual subscription.

What can consumers do with this app and what benefits can they derive from it?

Thanks to the app, consumers can find the nearest ice cream parlor wherever they are; the search can also be done by preferred flavor, by city or by name of the ice cream parlor if you know it. You can receive coupons and reductions usable in the ice cream parlor with one click, read and share our ice cream news and the news published by the ice cream parlors on Facebook.

AppGelato is available both as a mobile app and as a website: which one gave you the most results? Do you bet more on the web or on the mobile platform?

We are definitely focusing more on mobile as it is the most used tool for quick searches.

What are the results obtained so far and if they are in line with initial expectations. What are your expectations for 2014?

The platform is brand new, it needs time to spread, Facebook was born 10 years ago and it is only in the last 4 years that it has become the first social platform in Italy with many ‘other. AppGelato is the first network in the world dedicated to Artisan Gelato, it will take a few years for its wide distribution. But get ready for this month of June 2014, because there will be some important news which will increase the diffusion of the APP exponentially!

Based on your experience, how do you see the current market in Italy in the field of mobile?
In very strong growth, those who do not use the Mobile are like a company that uses fax instead of e-mail.

Thanking Pietro and Stella for the interview, I leave you with the last details on the App: it can be downloaded for free from both Stores (from the App Store or from Google Play) and it is very light: it does not weigh only 4.2 MB!
Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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