Appearance of your payment page.  Why should you worry about it?

Appearance of your payment page. Why should you worry about it?

Have you ever realized that a good presentation can generate feelings and determine different decisions in our life? A well assembled dish, a decorated house that gives us comfort and products from brands that we sometimes do not even know, but because they have such a beautiful packaging design, it generates confidence and we are convinced that the product is of quality.

These same sensations of the physical environment also occur in the online environment. And that’s why I’ve come to talk to you about how your payment page looks.

Think about the buying process divided into 4 parts:

Think about it nowu and people came to your product promotion page and saw photos, a video of you explaining the product, a well-designed visual identity and have already broken several objections.

Then when they decide to buy, they’re taken to the checkout page in a totally different environment. What happens? A sudden change in appearance, a break in the experience. And that can raise a lot of doubts as to whether the environment is safe for providing payment data and may result in a withdrawal of the purchase there at the last second.

So just like your sales page needs special attention to showcase your product and attract customers, your checkout page needs dedication as well.

Your product page is like a showcase

This is the place where you will attract your potential customers and explain to them why they need to buy your product.

Your checkout page is like the seller

Once the potential customer is pretty much convinced to buy, they give that little push to close the sale.

Knowing this, it’s worth spending some effort and using techniques to build a checkout page that can facilitate your conversions. And with the Hotmart checkout page appearance solution, you have the ability to create personalized and highly converted pages without having to pay anything extra.

But wait… did you feel like you already knew this solution? Calm down that all is well! If you already work with Hotmart, you’ve probably heard of it Payment generator. And that’s what we’re talking about, or rather new version he won and which is now called Appearance of the payment page.

With a redesigned look and a more intuitive interface, the Appearance section of the payment page brings a new space for producers which allows anyone to create personalized payment pages to provide buyers with a positive shopping experience. Best of all, you don’t pay anything to use.

A survey by Adyen’s Retail Reimagined has shown that bad shopping experiences have already resulted in an annual loss of $ 2.5 trillion for retailers around the world. But at the same time, the gains from positive experiences amount to $ 1 trillion.

Main advantages of using our solution to change the look of your payment page

High degree of page customization

It is possible to build pages according to the verbal and visual identity of your business without the need for a technical team. Just use the drag and drop system (or “drag and drop “) and position the elements you want to include on your page.

We put our mobile version first

Have you heard of Mobile First? This is a concept applied in web projects where the initial focus of appearance and navigation is directed to mobile devices. And do you know why we care so much? Hotmart surveys have found that over 80% of shoppers access digital product checkout pages through mobile devices. And so that our growers and producers never forget to configure this version, we put it first.

Taking advantage of the replica, I’ll give you a tip: if you’re still not using Hotmart Analytics, start using it now! This solution is fully integrated with the Hotmart platform and allows you to view reports with key data from your digital business, including what I told you above, on access via mobile phone and tablet. At Hotmart Analysis you can find out where visitors to your pages are coming from and even if they are from Android or iOS devices.

Create payment pages based on your offers

You can create as many pages as you want, considering each of your digital product strategies, making as many personalized offers as you want. Create specific pages with different prices for seasonal dates like Easter, Mother’s Day, and Black Friday. Or create according to the origin of your visitors.

Ex: if they came via paid traffic, it might be interesting to have more impactful text that talks about the pain your product is solving, but if you shared the link to your payment page during a launch product live and all objections have already been broken, your audience is probably already convinced to buy, in which case create a more direct, scarcity-focused page so that there are no distractions and that people finish the purchase quickly.

High conversion models

To make it easier to create your payment pages, we have several ready-to-use and highly converting templates. In other words, just choose the one that best suits your strategies and adapt to your business.

Everything to increase buyer confidence

With the Checkout Page Appearance solution, it is possible to break purchase objections, including positive reviews from those who have already purchased the product, warranty seals, in addition to being able to create a page that has the same identity as the one you already use on your product page or sales page.

Remember, your checkout page is where the buyer places their personal data, documents, and bank details, like their credit card number. In other words, he needs to feel safe!

This is why it is so important to use the same identity as your sales page on your checkout page (remember the storefront and buyer example), so when moving from page to page the other, you will make a transition so subtle that in most Sometimes it is imperceptible that the environment has been changed. The result? Less chance of abandonment and more chances of conversion!

About 11% of cart abandonments are due to an unattractive checkout page. Cast iron: Forrester Research

Pick up those who are considering giving up the purchase

The buyer came to your checkout page, browsed, was ready to buy, but for some reason did you consider giving up? If you use the Exit Pop-up feature when the person tries to leave the page, they will be notified with a message or an offer so that you have a chance to reverse this situation and not lose the sale.

Increase your sales with buy-back elements

Another item you can include on your checkout page is the Bump command. This tool works like a “flash” offer to offer you an additional product at the time of payment. Do you know that hamburger deal where you can step up and grab the fries for a little extra? It’s the same logic!

With Order Bump, you deliver an even more complete experience, increasing the value of your sale right on the checkout page without the buyer having to go through the purchase process again.

Rendering speed

Did you know that the speed of your page loading can define the success of your sales? With our Checkout Page Appearance solution, you don’t have to worry because even if you do a personalization that includes multiple items, it will load quickly and appear instantly to buyers.

And of course, once the buyer has completed the purchase and the payment has been approved, our payment system automatically sends the information to the Hotmart platform, which within seconds already authorizes access to your product. .

Offer the payment methods your buyers use the most

In addition to creating an attractive structure for your payment page, you must be aware of basic parameters such as the means of payment that you will offer to the buyer: bank cards, PIX, PayPal, voucher, transfers, among others.

The Hotmart payment system is a complete solution fully integrated into the platform. As it is possible to sell in more than 12 currencies and to offer its buyers the most varied means of payment, even local means of payment from different countries.

Keep in mind that each region has their most used methods, so if you’re selling outside of your country, it’s important to know the top local payment methods your buyers use to make them available on your checkout page.

OBS: To configure the payment methods that will be available on your payment page, you must access the “Payment page settings” section, under the “Tools” tab. The walkthrough is very simple and you can verify here in this article.

Always focus on the buyer’s experience

It’s important to remember that in this article I’ve listed a few options for what to include in your checkout page look and benefits, but you don’t necessarily need to include all of them on your page, Okay? It will all depend on your strategies and the audience you are working with. The important thing is to always keep in mind that the page should provide a positive shopping experience for people.

source: Adyen

See step by step to customize the look of your payment page

  1. Access your Hotmart account via the link:
  2. In the side menu, choose Tools
  3. Click on Checkout Page Appearance
  4. On the next page, choose the product
  5. Choose the theme you want to use. You can choose to create a new one or use one of the Hotmart templates
  6. Click Use this template
  7. Configure your payment page with all the components you want
  8. Click Save New Page and choose to save as draft or publish the page

Access the full article in the Help Center

See how there is no mystery on how to make your personalized payment page look like? Now that you’ve learned the main benefits of having a page with the face of your digital business and the step-by-step process to set it up, it’s time to get your hands dirty!

Good sales!

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