Anne Uriot: energies and places in the new normal

Anne Uriot: energies and places in the new normal

New episode of From Roots to Heaven with Anne Uriot, Master of energy of the place. This is the second time that Anne has played the guest game of this podcast (Listen to theEpisode 22 with Anne Uriot).

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you know that I like to tell myself that the entrepreneur is a living being, that he is therefore constantly evolving, perhaps even that we are in permanent transformation.

So I also like to tell myself that I can invite the same entrepreneurs several times to come and share their development.

What particularly touches me in this exchange

During this discussion, we are totally in the experimentation of the spiritual, which for me, ultimately represents life.

We come out of energetic, vibratory and quantum clichés. We come back to what is right for everyone and to a timing, sometimes revealing synchronicities or which may not correspond to any existing cycle strictly speaking, simply to which is.

This is not for lack of trying to fit Anne into a framework and stereotypes. This exchange is very speaking from a human point of view, clean and of self-respect, and therefore, of self-knowledge. What Anne exhibited in our first episode, summer 2019; more than 20 years of work on oneself, mixed with the quantum, the spiritual, the invisible. By force, we end up wanting to return to matter and live simply and take things when they should come.

In this episode of From Roots to Heaven with Anne Uriot, we discuss:

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What drives Anne Uriot today

  • the transmission of her fengshui +++ expertise (because Anne is much more than just a fengshui consultant)
  • the transformation carried out in 2020 which gives birth to a film “Bringing together the interior” instead of a conference, co-fired and co-created by Krystal Turcan.
  • the emergence of a 2021 project that has its roots in cafes-confined then released, launched on Instagram, with her friend Laure Niaouet
  • And then finally the birth of Cafés “la Maison Universelle”, a digital conference space.

… and the mix of the living space with the home office

  • Work from home, the revolution acquired in 2020 when both of us were UFOs in previous years.
  • The energy of his workplace at home.
  • The link between the place of life and the person we are.

And so many other themes, this is only the emerged part of this episode with Anne Uriot.

The full interview is offered as a source of inspiration for April 2021 to members of the Club, with a practical part and the live in April to discuss together on this theme of Places.

Join the Club and find out the full interview with Anne and how he can inspire you for your business and your Places:

Anne, from the bottom, from the heart I thank you for once again taking the time to share your feelings, your life and your expertise with us.

Take good care of yourself.

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