Amazon’s purchase of PillPack means big changes

Amazon’s purchase of PillPack means big changes

Medication Packaging & Delivery

Important services in your industry? Ask Amazon. Earlier this year they purchased PillPack–the company that became successful offering presorted medication delivered to the patient’s home. Amazon obviously saw the huge potential in this company’s offering, so turn a blind eye at your own risk.

Medication Packaging is a relatively simple concept that many independent pharmacies already offer across the country. The main difference, is that while many pharmacies offer it, PillPack marketed it. They made sure that patients everywhere not only knew what they offered, but that they needed it and would make their lives easier. So why aren’t you doing
the same?

CVS started a delivery service, but most pharmacies already know to market that particular service (and a majority of the time it’s free). CVS can try to make it sound like a new innovative offering, but we all know it’s what independent pharmacies have been doing for their patients for years and years. So is this any different? YES!

CVS delivers, minor problem. Amazon delivers, minor problem. Right? No. The delivery is not the most significant part of what Amazon has just purchased. The packaging of the drugs, and therefore Amazon’s ability fulfill orders is the issue. Distribution centers, infrastructure and logistics that had kept them out of your industry, are an issue they just solved in one purchase.

Why Should You Care?

It’s Amazon. Statistically, you were probably just on Amazon browsing before you were reading this blog post (or you’re going to head there afterwards). Amazon buying PillPack means a monster company has just entered your arena and the nature of packaging and prescription delivery is about to evolve in huge a way. This evolution isn’t so much about natural selection as it is Amazon selection. They’ve already changed how delivery works for virtually every other industry. Amazon is the reason the mailman now works on Sundays (sounds made up but it’s actually true).

What Action Can You Take?

Do you have a Medication Packaging service? Do you offer delivery? Then not only is it time to start marketing your packaging and delivery services, but it’s time to beef up your marketing. Pull on the heart strings of everyone who loves things like bumper stickers that say “shop local”. You don’t need to have a huge marketing budget, and let’s be honest, if you did you wouldn’t beat Amazon. Your goal is to keep your existing patient base and capture existing potential patients in your area. Amazon is going after an entire country– you need to go after your town. That’s where your marketing dollars are going to rival Amazon’s and where you
can rob them of the advantage.

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