All-round technological innovations

All-round technological innovations

Technological innovations do not concern a single sector. They follow one another at a pace that defies all forecasts. Creativity sometimes has serious consequences and we must therefore never forget to put people at the center. It’s up to you to judge the innovations presented below!

The company took jokes from internet users and gamers about the appearance of its new console very seriously.

On the occasion of E3 2021, the American giant announced that it was officially launching the marketing of a mini-fridge taking the shapes and design of the Xbox Series X, reports Phonandroid.

When the console came out, many internet users laughed at its appearance, noting that it strongly resembled a fridge. So many memes and jokes have been made about it that Xbox got caught up in the game. Microsoft had fun designing a life-size fridge in the shape of its console, then miniature versions of the accessory. ‘home appliance.

Xbox later opposed the Skittles candy brand in the election for the best branded account on Twitter. Microsoft then promised that if it won this title, it would produce an Xbox Series X mini-fridge and therefore the winner, so as not to disappoint its millions of customers, it kept its promise and has just announced its release.

The mini-fridge can only accommodate ten cans but is well suited to the consumption of gamers. The mini-fridge will be marketed in the fall. Microsoft did not give the selling price

of the object. It is also unclear whether it will be marketed in several countries, including France, or simply in the United States.


To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the essential Tamagotchi will return in the form of a connected watch

The Bandai toy that has had so many fans for a quarter of a century is becoming a small watch but with new functions. Voice and tactile control will allow you to interact with your animal. This small virtual pet, created by the Japanese company Bandai, has for many years been a real craze among children and adults alike. The toy gadget, with multiple versions, which have continued to capture attention by their originality, will now be transformed into a connected watch, the Tamagotchi Smart which has the particularity of making the virtual animal react to the sound of its voice, but also to offer the chance to stroke it via the touch screen. It would in fact be a simple microphone that will only serve to wake up the small virtual animal. But the business side is making a comeback with many new characters and items that can be purchased via TamaSma cards, inserted into the watch and it will also be possible to listen to music. The toy, which is scheduled for release in November in Japan, will cost around 50 euros. The TamaSma cards will cost around 8 euros each. A successful business.

In China, Canon goes so far as to encourage its employees to show their joy in working to allow them to enter office rooms. “If you want your employees to be happy, make them smile! “. A device that only allows employees to enter rooms and organize meetings for employees who smile in front of surveillance cameras. A way of forcing all employees to smile constantly and which is far from being the model of management. With the help of artificial intelligence and other sophisticated algorithms, more and more companies are looking to measure productivity and monitor the every move of their staff. Canon Information Technology deployed these smile-generating cameras over a year ago. Of course, it is well known that monitoring and measuring employee productivity are not new concepts. But, it must be recognized, the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted the use of tools by managers to better manage remotely. It must be recognized that this way of influencing employee behavior is far from ethical.

Samsung: Galaxy S21 Fan Edition production supposedly stopped

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE release date, rumors, features

Due to a lack of chips, Samsung is considering stopping the production of its next smartphone, the Galaxy S21 Fan Edition, the version “ low cost Of Samsung’s latest model, originally scheduled for August. The semiconductor shortage continues to have multiple consequences. Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone maker, with 22% of the market in the first quarter of 2021, according to the latest statistics.

The origin of the shortage would be due to an insufficient supply of processors designed by the American Qualcomm, one of Samsung’s main suppliers. Samsung has finally explained that “nothing had been stopped” concerning this “supposed interruption of production”.

Samsung is not abandoning the range, as it was a time mentioned at the end of the year 2020. But initially, the company would concentrate on the Galaxy S range.

Entry-level models like the A52 and A72 are still slated for the next few days, as are new foldable smartphone models.

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