A strategy to help you sell more of your courses

A strategy to help you sell more of your courses

If you are reading this article, it means that you are curious about the reasons and factors that make providing free content on your site or YouTube channel a reason that helps you gain more students and interns, which wish to purchase all of your training courses. and courses.

In fact, it’s natural to feel a little surprised, since the word “free” and the word “sell courses” are the exact opposite, but did you know that one leads to the other? Remember that since you are working in a virtual medium (Internet), you need good planning and effective strategy development, as well as patience of course, to achieve your goals.

For this reason, you can consider the type of marketing strategies that will help you market the best for you. Personally And for your business and educational materials, follow the article and learn the details.

What does it mean to offer free content?

As simple and intuitive as the answer may sound, we see the value in talking about it a bit, especially for those who don’t have enough experience in the digital world and have just entered.

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Providing free content is, in fact, a great opportunity, and it just means that you are providing the audience or trainees with some of your knowledge in a specific area so that it helps them a lot to solve a problem or achieve one. objectives. , and the trainee acquires this knowledge without paying any money.

Usually free content is provided in the form of an online course or an e-book-like digital or electronic booklet, and not only that, but that content may be in the form of an infographic, for example, explaining ways to prepare a healthy breakfast, how to clean the internal part in an automatic washing machine, or a method of computer reformatting, or methods that help the learner to practice French or English without having a private teacher or study in a school.

Usually this content is presented as some kind of strategy that helps the content owner to gain more students and gain their trust, and over time it turns into a benchmark in the field.

Why can you sell more of your courses by offering free content?

There is a set of outcomes for you once you plan to offer free content to your audience.

But here I remember giving you a very important piece of advice: you need to carefully study the characteristics of your target audience, so that you know exactly what that audience is looking for, and thus, provide them with what they need. Then you can reach your goal faster.

1- Offer free content that makes you meet new audiences

This is generally true, if you provide free content on your site, for example, you will get more interaction from the audience side, especially those who absolutely need the content you provide (depending on the domain), but they can’t pay or don’t know you well so don’t risk it and pay first.

During this time, especially when the content is really useful, This person is starting to recommend this content Emphasizing that it’s free, therefore, more people contact you and can become potential customers for your business and training courses.

2- This strategy increases people’s trust in you

Of course, not because you’ve provided free content that people will trust you with, but because you’ve allowed them to experience what you offer and test the quality and quality of the information you provide.

That way, he overcomes the fears of those who don’t know you, and quickly turns into loyal to you and the materials and courses he’s learned, so he’s tried it himself before (get involved , as he initially thought), this of course, it opens the way for him to buy without worries or fears.

Of course, if you break the fear barrier between you and the potential student or apprentice, he or she becomes more willing to buy from you.

3- It becomes an important reference on the market over time

If you already dream of being a benchmark and an important point in the field of performance, andOnline education, You should consider introducing something that makes people really sure that you are the go-to when it comes to this topic.

Best proof of proof and experience, assuming you offer educational courses that teach foreigners French, try posting videos on your YouTube channel explaining how to behave in a particular life situation, and how to choose which ones. appropriate words and phrases. a situation.

Choose an interesting way to prepare This video reflects your professionalism The image is clearly transmitted to the pupil, rely on Interactive content For example, choose the phrases that the student really needs if they are going to France, and keep the style attractive, fluid and easy to convey so that it helps the student put into practice what you share with them.

As a practical example from the Internet, we find this example:

Video source: Youtube

Note the clear explanation, which provides more details depending on the situation or the situation, bet on such explanations.The lesson is not in the many sentences, but the lesson is the benefit of using them.

When a potential student watches this video, for example, they realize and touch the amount of experience and knowledge you have, which helps them feel that you are the right benchmark for learning French, for example. , and then he will not have a problem with the purchase of your courses because it will really help him to realize his dream of learning French and to achieve his goals whether personal or professional.

4- Provide free content that indicates your professionalism

Yes it is. Have you paused even for a moment to think about it in this regard?

When you offer it for free, it means that you are completely sure of the above and your goal is to benefit people and share what you know with the masses.

This noble behavior reflects wonderful human behavior that makes the audience respect you very much, and in this way, it touches the professionalism you value, especially when they watch or read the content presented and realize its importance.

This gives you more additional opportunities.

5- You will have more opportunities to receive partnership and expansion offers

Remember that such free content will be posted and accessible to everyone on the Internet, and you will then have the opportunity to receive an invitation from a teacher or workers in the same field, to prepare a course or training with him at him. side, so that it is in partnership with you.

This opportunity is very nice, because it allows you to know your audience as well as to help them in order to gain a new audience.

In this way, your business will grow and you will receive invitations to participate in interviews and seminars that talk about your field of work or teaching, and it is likely that you will become Digital influencer Or digital influencer and earn more fame online.

Of course, this idea brings you more business opportunities and partnerships then you are likely to get Offers of commercial companies to promote their products and services Which corresponds to the field in which you offer training courses, and all of these represent opportunities for excellence and expansion in online business.


As you have seen in this article, it is very important to take into account the idea that offering free content is not at all a waste of time or time, but rather a real opportunity to get closer to your customers. goals and helping your audience get to know you and what else you offer, and bring them closer to being able to buy from you.

Likewise, if you are intending to expand your educational business, gain partnerships, make more sales and earn more money, know that it is very possible and it has been taken for granted. advance, and it depends on the result. The quality of the free educational material it provides.

As we know, content is king, Content is king

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And you? Have you ever had experience in this area? Did you really get the results you wanted and increase your sales? Share your opinion or experience with us via Comments area Down the article as we talk to you.

Good luck to you, in conclusion, I leave you an article for you 12 smart tips for creating digital content Selling it is distinctive and useful.

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