A method that increases employees’ passion for your company

A method that increases employees’ passion for your company

Have you ever stopped to think about the sheer amount of operations that you have to do in your company? And did you feel that some of them are being viewed as unimportant? There may be a lot of that, and this is what causes team members to become frustrated, but the good news here is that many of these processes and procedures can make a quantum leap in the way they are presented by simply using the style of games in companies or what we call gamification, or style Gamification in the company.

If you don’t know the concept yet, the word is gamification Come from the word game It is intended to integrate entertainment elements, games or to make tasks more fun, entertaining and entertaining.

In the next paragraphs, we will talk about the concept of gaming style in companies and how you can benefit from it in practice, as well as monitoring the advantages that accrue to you from this in terms of your internal business communication.

What does corporate style of games mean?

As mentioned, this name carries the origin of the word games and represents the use of gaming technologies in daily operations, with the aim of making work and jobs more enjoyable, and it represents a way to escape from the usual place.

This term is based on the integration of the elements that give rise to challenge and entertainment, as well as the introduction of a reward so as to arouse enthusiasm among workers and people for that, and thus ensuring the activation of the target audience.

This model is mainly thought out for the customer.

An example of this is programs that focus on accumulating points, and you can later exchange them for rewards. Banking facilities and some shops may do this.

Then, this model was thought out to serve the internal public in an organization, and in particular the employees. As such, it is used in Exercises And integration and sales programs.

But it is important to remember that the style of games in companies is not based on introducing real games into the work environment, rather it is a deeper strategy and is not intended to literally mean the word.

Actually we mean by this style of games Make the routines in a company more attractive and challenging, by using recreational items and tools for it.

How does corporate gamification work?

In fact, it is not considered easy enough to explain how the style of games work in companies, but in general it represents a reward for employees and it is an exclusive advantage for them to do specific work.

An example of this comes from the company Forb With the aim of improving the learning process of its employees, it has produced games at its institutional university to train their talents on car models, as well as on technologies and financial systems. As a result, the university increased its turnout by 417% and generated more sales.

Another option is to link games with sales.

We cannot assume that there are people who love to compete with the amount of vendors, in light of that, you can add elements that make the competition more fun and entertaining.

Here are the three critical elements of corporate gaming:

1- Entertainment items

These include materials that are a bit like toys, which is why they are a challenge for workers.

Recreational elements generate fun for people as well as make business and leisure activities more attractive and stimulating.

For example, you can use a specific classification to rank your employees, as if they were already in a video game, so that they can evaluate the results and seek to find something better.

There are many other entertainment items, for example, medals, trophies, and stars to denote talents that express better performance or start a new point system.

In conclusion, the creativity element in this field must be unleashed.

2- Exclusive benefits or benefits

As with any game, at the end there is a reward that either motivates or justifies the entire action.

Relying on corporate gambling or games, it is important to think about setting attractive rewards for employees.

There are many bonuses, some of them financial, as is the case with sharing in the profits that the company generates, and some rewards are non-material such as having an exclusive parking lot for the worker or winning a day off.

To choose the perfect reward in the style of the gamificationAlways think of the following three aspects:

1- Defining characteristics of the team

2- Available financial budget

3- The size of the challenge that was presented to the worker

With this method, you will be able to obtain expressive results as well as good commitment on the part of workers in the work and activities.

3- Well-defined rules

As mentioned, we cannot consider gamification as just a game, but rather it represents a dedicated management method for improving employee performance. For this reason, it is imperative to have well-defined limitations and rules.

Over the course of the game, it is necessary to determine what the workers can do, as well as the aspects that they cannot do, the resources that will be available, the aspects that will be analyzed to give the ranking and the classification of the workers, as well as the identity of the worker who will be the winner in the outcome.

Everything must be explained very well from the start, so that no one feels injustice during the application of the method and even after the final result appears.

What are the main results of gamification in the company’s internal communication process?

It is also useful, after you familiarize yourself with the meaning of gamification and the basic elements involved in this method, that you also familiarize yourself with the advantages and benefits that accrue to the company from that.

Did you know that such entertaining operations and entertaining strategies have an important role to play in maintaining cohesion and uniting team members?

Among the benefits of using corporate style games:

1- It gives life to the team spirit

In many cases, the team lacks a sense of team spirit in the workplace.

This occurs when the employees do not feel that they are part of the family that the team forms as a whole, for this reason, conversations, side gossip, conflicts and disputes appear, which are factors that harm the relationship between workers as well as negatively affect the communication process.

In turn, the style of games brings workers closer together and makes everyone move in the same direction.

These rules avoid the occurrence of crises and conflicts, and ensure that there is a fair and healthy competition process between workers. In the end, all talents and experiences will be united with each other, and then it will be possible to observe the value of each worker (especially when seeing the endeavors and efforts of each worker).

2- Gamification facilitates internal communication

Corporate gaming style helps improve Communicate Which takes place internally between members of the same team, and even between all teams within the company.

When two co-workers meet around the coffee table and talk, we can say that there is communication.

The problem is, however, that we cannot guarantee that an easy or flexible communication process will occur.

This art helps to combine ease and pleasure with everyday actions, as it is a way to make dialogue easier and more successful.

With this openness in dialogue, leaders and colleagues can communicate very well.

3- It develops new skills

A large part of the communication process relies on behavioral skills in teams and leaders.

If the staff are not happy to talk, no matter how good the channels are, there will be no communication.

In this sense, the corporate canning process helps develop the right skills in a more satisfying way.

Team spirit earning, passion for work and enthusiasm are good examples of this.

4- It improves performance indicators

there is a lot of Performance indicators That reflects the quality of communication. Wrong numbers, problems and persistence of workers are examples of this. The better these indicators are, the better the communication process will be.

Fortunately, for the gamification Direct influence on the most important indicators when you are chatting.

For example, this method helps to increase the tenacity of the work team and reduce errors during work, in the end it generates it Enthusiasm للهمل.

5- It increases the internal satisfaction rate

The dissatisfied workers are not very ready for dialogue, they just want to do their work, do the basic things of work with the lowest possible rate of errors, and then go home and wait for the next day to return.

By relying on gamification, in addition to making the work more enjoyable, the manager shows that he cares about the workers and takes care of them.

This has a direct and immediate effect on the level of employee satisfaction, which may increase.


After reading the article, you may have felt a little surprised by the title: Using the style of games in companies, and after you learned about the benefits and advantages that accrue from it, it may be time to actually apply that and enjoy the many benefits.

What do you think? Do you use such strategies in your company or do you see them in the organization at which you work?

Share your opinion with us Comments space Below the article.

In conclusion, we leave you an article talking about Submit feedback In the work environment and the importance of that.

All the best and goodbye to another post and another blog

Peace be upon you

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