A Living Wage “he docu-film by North Sails

A Living Wage “he docu-film by North Sails

Eight years after the Rana Plaza tragedy, which claimed the lives of over a thousand people, North Sails takes a stand against the exploitation of workers in the textile industry in developed countries. True to philosophy “Go beyond” the brand, North Sails has chosen to team up with Livia Firth and The True Cost director Andrew Morgan by supporting the docu-film A Living Wage, for denounce intolerable conditions in which garment workers operate and the imperative need to recognize their rights and an adequate salary.

Denunciation docu-film

A Decent salary is a dramatic journey, told through the voices of those directly involved and the best lawyers, who work to support the first European law in favor of the living wage, i.e. the minimum wage that allows workers to lead a worthy life.

This documentary opened our eyes. We at North Sails Apparel have seen it and I think everyone in the clothing industry should watch it too. Some figures are really shocking … $ 6 per month for 400 hours of work ?!

commented Marisa Selfa, CEO of North Sails Apparel.

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Fast fashion brands have been lying for years about the wage situation of textile workers in developing countries. Now they are forced to change thanks to a group of women: on the one hand, the workers in the clothing supply chain, who live in a situation of poverty, degradation and injustice on a daily basis; on the other, legal professionals. The result is a relationship and a strategy based on mutual respect and commitment. The brands and retailers who have always argued that a living wage is not possible will be held to account. Broken promises will be challenged on the basis of the law and respect for human rights. Now, I see a day when we’ll get justice for the garment workers.

he underlined Livia Firth, founder of Eco-Age.

“Fashionscapes: a living wage” is supported by North Sails and The Circle, the global NGO committed to creating a fairer world by helping women succeedeconomic empowerment and ask the end of gender-based violence, and is available on the Eco-Age TV platform from Saturday April 24, 2021.

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