A friendly place thanks to the NAO bioclimatic pergola

A friendly place thanks to the NAO bioclimatic pergola

Summer is coming and confinement has taught us how crucial it is to organize your living space in order to be able to live in a comfortable place that adapts to all the changes of weather. Whether it is the cold, the rain or the summer sun, it is necessary to live in a friendly space that can turn into an enclosed space on certain days. Opt for the installation of a bioclimatic pergola in your outdoor space.

An overview of the bioclimatic pergola :

The bioclimatic pergola as such represents a good solution. There are multiple pergolas all equally efficient and can be chosen according to the characteristics of the region. It provides additional comfort because it adapts to different variations in weather and to the different needs of the inhabitants. It is said to be bioclimatic because it adapts perfectly to changes in the weather in order to have a place of comfort in a natural setting outside the house whether in winter, spring or summer and autumn.

It has a high-performance system made up of parallel or perpendicular adjustable slats which allow them to be oriented according to the sun’s rays and to offer optimal ventilation, often essential in the regions of the south of France but also in those with changeable weather. .

In addition, it can be installed on terraces, at the edge of a swimming pool or in your garden, but it can also be suitable for professional projects (restaurants, hotels, etc.) which in the context of deconfinement will appear as ideas to provide more space and avoid crowding. It avoids using a bulky parasol which does not allow optimal use. If, for example, they are tilted, they have the advantage of becoming a barrier to sunlight and heat as well as to rain. In case of rain, thanks to its waterproof function, the terrace can be completely protected. Its major asset is the natural ventilation of the terrace, thus creating a pleasant living space in your garden in summer. It is not necessary to dismantle the structure in winter as this type of pergola can withstand more severe weather conditions.

Outdoor facilities:

No closures expert in blackout and exterior design offers you various aluminum products, it is a wide range of closing products for the exterior as well as the interior of your home aluminum fence, guardrails, gates, garage doors, shutters for windows and swimming pools … Our entire range will meet the requirements of safety and comfort, for all your projects. We also offer a wide variety of models, to meet all your desires and needs.

Likewise, garden gates and pool protection are essentials for many homes. They are necessary to secure oneself and to close one’s private space from the eyes of the opportune. Investing in a grid is far from being a trivial choice because it helps to deter malicious acts such as theft and therefore protect its habitat. If the joy of swimming pools is one of the key moments in holiday life, it is mandatory to secure it according to mandatory standards to avoid accidents with, for example, swimming pool shutters but also to choose materials that cross all bad weather. .

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