9 Ways to Drive Website Traffic

9 Ways to Drive Website Traffic

Owning a website for your brand is a matter of course in 2020. But you still have to attract visitors to it! If the natural reference remains one of the easiest ways to implement, there are many other techniques to generate traffic on their website. By using different techniques, you can then easily multiply the number of visitors. Here are a few that should help you make your web pages more visible.

SEO on search engines

SEO, the most basic and the cheapest to generate traffic

The natural reference, in other words “SEO”, is the basic technique for driving traffic to your website. Easy to set up, it consists of highlighting specific and less sought after keywords or expressions (the famous long tail). The goal ? Have more chance to come out in the best results of search engine. This requires a preliminary analysis of the lexical field linked to its activity or its products. Today, the blog is an essential ally of the website. It makes it possible to reinforce the referencing work carried out on it, thanks to the frequent publication of unique articles related to its profession and its offers. Google appreciates new relevant content!

The paid referencing has proven itself! Google ads allows you to create advertisements whose objective is to bring up certain specific web pages of your site to the first page. More expensive, this technique is indeed a good way to attract visitors to its website. This is particularly interesting when you are in a very competitive industry and SEO results are more mixed on certain keywords.

The Google My Business business profile

Come to launch your activity and create your website? Don’t forget to create a profile on Google My Business. This tool will help you greatly in developing a natural traffic ! It works great for convenience stores and for local businesses in general. With Google MyBusiness, you have an online business card and a kind of storefront. Location, opening hours, customer reviews and photos, this insert located in the sidebar Google is essential to increase its visibility and facilitate Internet users’ searches.

Social networks

Well done, the community manager can become a major source of traffic. And the good news: while creating content takes time, creating pages and profiles is completely free. So why deny it? You just have to choose social networks through which you can hit your target. Then make sure you can create and publish content on a regular basis to build an engaged community. The more visible you will be and the more trust your subscribers will have, the more clicks will flow to your website.

Social ads

Advertising on social networks is a great traffic and sales booster. On some platforms, such as Facebook, it has even become essential to promote its activities. The advantage of social Ads is that the possibilities are numerous. For example, with Facebook Ads, you can even track the visitor’s journey, show him specific products if he has abandoned a product page or a basket or even target the subscribers of your email list. It is a powerful and complementary tool to community manager and SEO.

Web directories

Particularly useful in B2B, web directories have the particularity of listing companies according to their sectors of activity. There are general and thematic directories, free and paid. On the information sheets offered by the sites, you can register your website. This will then benefit from additional visibility. Just try to choose the best referenced directories and the most suitable for your business.

Emailing campaigns

Promotional emails or even newsletters is another way to get visitors to your website or blog. However, it depends a lot on the quality of the email addresses collected. If a person has given you their email address voluntarily (registration via an insert on the site or in exchange for free content, etc.), you will have more chances that they will click in your emails than a person who does not never heard of you. However, the quality of the email list is not the only data to take into account. Content and timing are also a big factor in success. an emailing campaign.

Influencer marketing

Very fashionable for several years now, influencer marketing campaigns are acclaimed by brands. Indeed, well selected, influencers can bring quality traffic on its website. By highlighting your brand on their blog or even their social networks, they will be able to encourage their audience to discover your products or services. Difficult to assess, the impact can nevertheless be measured through the distribution of promotional codes to selected influencers. These codes will allow you to see the effectiveness of the campaign with a particular influencer. This tracking method has the disadvantage of only working with e-commerce sites. For the showcase sites, scrutinize Google Analytics data before, during and after the influencer campaign.

Classic communication tools

They are increasingly overlooked today, while they still bring in customers. Particularly effective locally, traditional communication tools will help you promote your website, in addition to the techniques mentioned above. Among the most affordable solutions, you have participation in events business cards in hand, the local press or the paper mailing. Of course, if you have a larger budget, nothing prevents you from boosting your visibility through an advertising spot (radio or TV) or billboards, for example.

With all of these techniques, you should attract more Internet users to your website. Do not hesitate to test several and combine them. The more relevant sources, the more traffic will be important and qualified!

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