9 tips to start the year right

9 tips to start the year right

How to increase your sales in 2021? Welcome again, dear reader, to a distinguished and strategic article today. I know that for a while we have not written, but we certainly bring you more things, benefits and tools that will actually help you to take off your strategic business.

Especially since we are about to end the year 2020, this year that has brought a lot of pain, perhaps, and a lot of failure, but we must continue to have hope.

That is why we will talk to you in this article about useful tips that you can rely on to learn how to increase sales in 2021

It’s simple and realistic advice, but it makes all the difference.

Before getting acquainted with the tips? Are you ready for the year 2021?

Yeah!! Also, I am pleased to ask you this question in order to make sure that you have learned from the lessons and experiences that you encountered in the year 2020.

Certainly, you encountered some situations that made you write down some important points and notes, or at least have a simple record of the sales numbers that you got in the last year, because that will help you to visualize some goals and KPIs that help you increase sales as well.

If you want to learn more about how to study and pay attention to the main standards and objectives of your business, I am pleased to invite you to read these two articles:

& Learn to set goals and key performance standards

& Learn the concept of OKRs

Now let’s go to the golden tips to put into your imaginations and actually achieve an increase in sales, that’s what we hope.

How to increase your sales in 2021?

1- Pay attention to new trends in the market

In fact, this advice is self-evident, but it is the most influential of your strategies and the extent of their alignment with reality. Because the market is definitely undergoing many and drastic changes, and for this reason, it is imperative that you be well informed.

When you know exactly what is going on in the market, you are able to extract that and add it to your marketing strategies, and this helps you to take advantage of what is happening now and affect the prospective customers.

But when you do not give sufficient importance and attention to this aspect, it is reasonable to draw up plans that are far from reality or that do not affect the market.

2- Conduct some interviews or cast opinion polls on social media

Yes, direct communication with a segment of potential clients. And if you want, you can conduct sorted interviews The market segments you monitor.

In order to learn how to increase your sales in 2021, you must know what your target audience is thinking, or in other words, you must learn or explore how he perceives your business model and how you can attract his attention and enthusiasm.

The options in front of you are many and varied, you can, for example, consider launching a questionnaire on social media, which will help you gather some opinions and ideas about your audience. It also provides you with insights that make it easier for you and make you ahead of the competitors.

You can also follow what is being talked about through Facebook groups or websites that allow people to talk about their problems and experiences with companies, this makes you think in terms of the problems that currently exist in the market, which need to be solved.

3- Watch what the competitors are doing

Competition is a very important point that you should never lose sight of if your goal is to increase sales.

There are indeed distinctive techniques for caring for and controlling competition. All you have to do is follow the market events around you, and learn about the strategies and methods that competitors deal in the market. What types of promotional means and marketing messages do they spread? What triggers and temptations do they offer?

It does not mean, as we always say, imitating what they are doing, but rather taking an idea and relying on your creativity.

This monitoring and study of competing companies gives you the ability to innovate the competitive advantage in your market and create methods and methods that make you distinctive, all of which opens the way for you to increase your sales.

4- See what’s new and train the sales team

Whatever the goal of the training you aim at, it is imperative to provide modern and continuous training to the work teams in your company, and on Most of all is the team in charge of sales.

Why? Simply because you are in direct contact with the customer and are responsible for generating revenue for you. This is why we think that you treat training expenses as investments because you will reap the results later.

over there Lots of exercises that are useful, here’s this article to familiarize yourself with some of them.

When your team acquires new skills, and new strategies, they develop a sense of simulation and provide arguments that help overcome customer objections to purchase, and all this opens the way for you to gain more sales.

One of the most important exercises that you should consider for the year 2021 is learning the art of persuasion as well emotional smartness Because these two factors play a big role in how successful the seller is Persuade the customer to buyAnd overcome most of the situations that may be placed in it.

5- Prepare special offers

Of course, it makes no sense to have special occasions like New Year’s Eve without discounts and special offers on sale, right?

Take advantage of the arts Seasonal marketing Seasonal Marketing Take advantage, think of techniques like upselling and offering discounts for the second lot or even earning certain coupons or vouchers when purchasing a special product … etc.

Conducting sweepstakes and sweepstakes as well Contests on Instagram For example, it represents a wonderful must-have item, and attracts the attention of your target customers.

6- Update the copy or the promotional form

If you want to learn how to increase your sales in 2021, you should consider actions such as the formula that you speak to the masses in ads.

The art of copying is the copywriting One of the methods that plays a big role in persuading the customer to buy, especially if you mix sweet words and take advantage of the occasion.

For this, try to focus well on the methods in which you write, rely on the pain or need of the customer, and really help him, try to show him that the real help lies in the products and services that you provide, highlighting them through Excellent description.

He also relied on art Psycho-mental stimuli Or what we call Psychological Triggers, such as announcing that the offer is only available for the first 100 customers, for example, or for 3 days.

7- Bet on the power of storytelling and social marketing techniques

To learn how to increase your sales in 2021, you must rely on modern techniques such as storytelling or social marketing.

Besides the beauty of these methods and their high ability to gain attention, they also help you to win a very good place in the hearts of your customers.

When you advertise products through a realistic and sensible story that you tell, a story that anyone might go through, you gain sympathy from the audience, and all this encourages them to buy.

if I were Want to learn about the art of marketing story, click here. AndSocial Marketing from here.

8- Wager also on the strength of social evidence

Social proof is an honest expression of the quality of the products and services you provide, which is why it resonates well with audiences, and it can actually be responsible for getting more people to buy.

In order to do so, it must be truly honest and spontaneous, talking in detail and in an intelligent manner about the transformations your product has been responsible for causing in a customer’s life.

Find your customers who have already received benefit from your products and ask them to photocopy their testimonial about the product and ask them for permission to post it on your site and your sales pages.

9- Think about partnerships with affiliates or influencers

It was never possible to talk about ways to increase your sales for the year 2021 without commenting on these two modern methods:

Affiliate Marketing

And also to count on Digital influencer marketing or influencer marketing

These basic strategies are really important, because they help you reach, in an attractive and modern way, large numbers of people, and it may be within a somewhat short period of time.

So rely on these methods and partner with the appropriate flu, who has audiences that may actually be interested in what you provide in terms of services and products.


As you have seen in this article, it is really important to learn how to increase your sales in 2021, especially in light of the difficult conditions in which we are living and in which there are increasing competitors and the possibilities for the customer.

Think about these methods, study the reality of your company and your business and take from these tips what you think is really important to you.

What do you think? Share your opinion or expectations with us via: Comments space Below the article let’s talk together.

All the best to you and in closing, I share You have an article that talks about studying the market

Happy New Year

And to the meeting in other articles and other publications

Peace be upon you

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