80 digital marketing referents that I recommend in 2021

80 digital marketing referents that I recommend in 2021

Today I want to celebrate one more year Women’s day with a list of 80 women I admire from the digital marketing industry.

Some women on this list broke the glass ceiling a long time ago and are benchmarks for the entire industry. Others are women making great strides to the top of digital marketing, and I’m sure they’ll be leading big plans soon.

I want to dedicate this post to all of them, to have the courage to overcome social stigma and obstacles that unfortunately we still find. And with their efforts, they are paving the way for new generations to positions of increased responsibility in digital marketing.

This list is just a small selection of women I know, most of whom I have met at marketing conferences, at Marketing And Web school, at other schools I collaborate with or through their blogs and / or social networks.

But this list is completely subjective, there are so many more women breaking glass ceilings in the digital marketing sector, which I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting. If you think someone forgot about me let me know in the comments and I’ll keep that in mind for the next update.

I have organized it in alphabetical order because they are all equally important in the journey of women towards full equality in the world of work.

List of 80 women leaders in the world of marketing

What do you think of this list of female marketers?

It was a source of pride for me to present to you all these beautiful digital marketing references who inspire me every day with their excellent work.

Which women inspire you the most on this list?

I also love to see how this list grows each year, because each year we have more women in school, both as teachers and students.

Surely you know some great women in the marketing world that I haven’t included in this list, moreover, you are surely one of them, Just as if you are missing a professional, I would like you to tell me to help me develop this list.

Happy Women’s Day today and always!

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