8 Leader Qualities That Inspire Your Team |  Pharmacy Club

8 Leader Qualities That Inspire Your Team | Pharmacy Club

We are moving towards a primary care pharmacy, returning to the origins of the pharmacy with personalized attention. For this, we need leaders who bet on people, on their teams.

Gone are the days when the position of boss was authoritarian and admiring. Nowadays, you don’t just need to be a leader, but to be an inspiring leader for the team. The result of being an inspiring leader is better service at the counter because there is a good work environment, recognition, personal and professional growth and value is given to people.

Do you want to know which of the qualities of the leader that inspires the team you already have and which you can train? Below, I share 8 of them.

1. Humility

The leader in today’s pharmacy knows that the success of his pharmacy does not depend entirely on him, his management or his purchases, but on the entire human team and their attention at the counter.

2. Communication

The power of communication is essential to be able to clearly express your instructions and ideas so that others can follow them. And not only that, but you must also know how to listen and take into account the opinions of others.

3. Growth

It is not only about the growth of the leader but also about the growth of the people who make up the team. All team members are important and a good leader must care about the growth of all of them, both professionally and personally.

4. Emotional intelligence

It is the ability to manage one’s own feelings and emotions. Example: If you have a bad day or are angry, everything you do or say will influence the rest of the team, that is why it is important to control your emotions and distinguish yourself. Because feelings move people, you cannot be a leader without emotional intelligence.

5. Charisma

To have charisma in the pharmacy with your team, it is enough to show a true interest in people. In fact, in the charisma is the excellence that inspires others and it is very easy to practice, take an interest in people.

6. Innovation

A good leader in the pharmacy is not afraid of change. On the contrary, it seeks to change for the better by encouraging innovation.

7. Vision

It is important to know how to create a clear and defined image of the future, of where you want to go with the team and your organization.

8. Decision

Learning to make the right decisions quickly is an indispensable quality in a person with great leadership.

I encourage you to analyze in which of these eight skills you are strongest and which ones you need to enhance.

Carmen Fernandez

Pharmacist, founder and director of Coach Farmacia

Date of last modification: 09/02/2021

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