7 tips for getting started in this social network

7 tips for getting started in this social network

For Tanit by Pouplana, published on July 30, 2021

Social network Club house, an audio-only application launched in April of last year, continues to gain ground and is gradually becoming popular in our country. Therefore, now is the perfect time to start experimenting with it and find out what it can do for your brand. If you dare, don’t miss it little guide to the Clubhouse with 7 tips for getting started in this social network.

Clubhouse 7 tips for getting started in this social network

7 tips for getting started with Clubhouse

  1. Listen and learn. The Clubhouse is a new and different way to share and interact, and the community there has created its own culture. So to get off to a good start, I recommend that you take the time to explore the different options, enter the rooms as an auditor, and get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.

  2. Complete the biography. The bio is your “cover letter” to encourage other users to follow you. Take the opportunity to make it clear what your brand can bring to the conversation.

  3. Configure notifications. Clubhouse offers a ton of notification options. If you have them all enabled, it can be quite overwhelming, as your mobile will notify you whenever a chat starts on a topic you follow or when a user you follow does. In order not to end up with a barrage of notifications, choose the notifications you want to receive and remember that you can stop or pause them if you want to.

  4. Think podcast. The biggest peculiarity of Clubhouse is that it is an audio-only network, so users do not need to be glued to the screen and can use this social network at the same time as they perform ‘other tasks. Therefore, when deciding to start creating content in Clubhouse, keep these consumption habits in mind.

  5. Prepare your rooms in advance. Once you start experimenting with your own pieces, you’ll find that the biggest challenge is getting people to cheer themselves up. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to prepare the contents during the first few minutes and thus to avoid uncomfortable silences. Also, keep in mind that it’s usually easier to present and manage a room between two people, rather than just one person managing everything.

  6. Try interactive formats. Although limited to the audio format, Clubhouse has more possibilities than it seems for interactivity. For example, the Spanish Clubhouse community has already organized detective games and role-playing games.

  7. Stay up to date with the news. For now, Clubhouse is in beta and offers an invitation-only model. Its creators test what works and what doesn’t before launching it on a large scale, so frequent changes are normal. For example, in recent months, they’ve enabled features that weren’t in the original app, such as sharing a room link or searching inside it. So if you do decide to do Clubhouse Marketing, you will need to be prepared to adapt to the changes.

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