7 benefits of using a digital marketing agency

7 benefits of using a digital marketing agency

the Digital marketing is constantly on the move and is a prerequisite for businesses of all types, sizes and industries. At this stage, agencies are aggregators of knowledge, technology and specialists able to understand market transformations and find the best paths for a professional or a company.

It is no longer enough to be on the Internet, after all, it is an extremely competitive environment which leaves no respite to the curious. Sooner or later, companies realize that they need to take broad and solid steps to grow and stay competitive. It is at this stage that managers are faced with the following question: build an internal team or outsource?

Indeed, there are pros and cons going both ways. However, the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency tend to attract attention for several factors.

In this article, we have separated the top 7 and their role in the quality and results delivered to the business.

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1. Professionals and specialized services

Having experts to create and execute your strategies is one of the biggest advantages of using a digital marketing agency, since you are putting your business in the hands of a company entirely dedicated to this work.

In several companies, the figure of “does everything” is very common, the subject which centralizes all the tasks related to communication, but which obviously delivers none with the quality of a specialized team. Of course, if you’re genuinely interested in standing out from the competition, this isn’t the best way to go.

On the other hand, when hiring an agency, your company can count on the experience and expertise of professionals fully dedicated to their functions, since they are specialists in Marketing, content production, advertising, Inbound Marketing, SEO, writing and many others, all at your disposal!

Likewise, the gain in quality is due to the fact that these professionals provide services to other companies. This allows them to have a global view of the market, to make relevant discoveries and to present the best alternatives for your business.

2. Consistent and scalable growth

There is no rule that sets the ideal number of positions in Content Marketing or campaigns in a strategy of Outbound Marketing. Always beware of recipes, especially those with very strict recommendations.

A good job in digital marketing requires constant study, testing and monitoring, because only through detailed planning is an effective strategy built and refined. Without this care, we risk falling into pitfalls like accelerated and undirected content production.

Indeed, the big brands in the market tend to produce a lot of material, but it is not the number of publications that makes them successful. Companies must increase your content production in a balanced and consistent manner, without giving a helping hand to quality and without losing sight of its main objectives such as Branding, the lead generation waves Sales.

Of course, orchestrating a job like this is no easy task. In fact, it takes a lot of planning, available professionals and constant education and alignment, so that the identity of the content is not affected.

Furthermore, the importance of tools in this type of management should be stressed. Which brings us to the next topic.

3. Access to innovative practices and technologies

Software has become an important resource for optimizing the routine of digital marketers. Even virtually all operations involved in this work depend on it. As an example, we can cite CMS, which are at the origin of blogs, CRMs, fundamental in marketing automation, as well as the tools for social networks, SEO and much more.

If you want to do a good job of broadcasting or marketing on the web, you need to develop your marketing technology set. To better understand what we’re talking about, below you can check out the tools used here at Rock.

Finding qualified professionals or training employees to use so many services isn’t much of a problem, but the investment required to hire them. Most of these services are chargeable, mostly in dollars, so their amount should also be included in an internal team’s cost forecast.

Agencies, in turn, by participating in several different projects, already have access to the main digital marketing tools, often with exclusive resources at their disposal. While contracting for certain services is still necessary, costs related to analytics and monitoring technologies, for example, tend to be reduced for your customers.

4. Efficient budget management

Another advantage of Digital Marketing, which makes it a real turning point with regard to traditional practices, is its enormous capacity to measure results. We can measure virtually anything on the internet, monitor audience behavior, as well as run tests in order to get the maximum conversion in each content or campaign.

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However, this enormous availability of data can easily confuse managers and professionals who are not familiar with these processes. The quality and experience of an analyst is also necessary to identify what is truly relevant in this immense ocean of information that technology offers us.

When this data is well managed and analyzed, from the start lead capture until audience monitoring, companies enjoy enormous control when developing their strategy. This benefit translates into much more predictable and efficient budget management.

5. Better cost-benefit ratio

Structuring a digital marketing department is a complex and often impractical process for some companies. As stated above, this is a job that relies on many professionals and resources.

Behind the seeming simplicity of platforms and web pages, there are several people who are constantly working to make this content available and ensure that it presents the performance expected by companies.

For this reason, the investment required to build an internal team of dedicated employees is not only low and, but can also be increased depending on the requirements of each company.

Also, aligning these professionals can take some time, especially since there won’t be many references or stories available. Everything has to be built from scratch.

In exchange, By using an agency, companies free themselves from all the management and bureaucracy associated with structuring and maintaining a department. In this way the KING It is generally higher, in the end companies spend less and have the service of a more experienced and contextualized team.

6. Alignment of the company with the most current market practices

In time of digital transformation, there is no room for stagnation. Companies must continue to forge ahead, to renew their language, to take different positions and to adopt new marketing strategies.

Everything changes very quickly, including sales and communication practices. This is why it is essential to be attentive to trends and innovations in the market, work that begins with a look at the competition, but can go much further.

As they are fully inserted in this universe, digital marketing agencies are up to date with trends. Its managers and specialists are focused on client results, they follow the advances and novelties of the international market, in addition to being present in the most diverse promotional events, which are also great aggregators of knowledge.

This way, agencies are the best way to ensure that your business is always aligned with, if not ahead of, the latest market practices. Another advantage of having a team attentive to market developments is the possibility of embracing new practices and being a pioneer in the field.

7. A free team to focus on the core business

Finally, it is important to stress that by outsourcing your Digital Marketing requests, your team is free to focus on the main activities of your business. This is an even more relevant advantage for companies whose operation does not involve any communication service.

This does not mean that the client will not have access or control over the work performed by the agencies. On the contrary, it is essential that the company participate in decisions and follow the actions that the agency implementseven if the work is done outside.

This association is very important so that your goals are really achieved and that there are no surprises at the end of the process. This is actually one of the main points to consider when hiring this type of service.

It is also advisable to evaluate the reputation of the company in the market, its experience with projects similar to yours, the quality of its service, as well as its range of products and services to avoid numerous contracts.

Now that you know the benefits of using a digital marketing agency, take the opportunity to find out more about our services!

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