6 ideas to monetize online

6 ideas to monetize online

Your dream: earn by writing. Magri hopes to return to this circle of professionals in the web writing get paid to write articles. It’s not difficult, you can do it. But first you need to follow a number of basic tips. These are simple steps.

Earn money writing articles.

Because the truth is this: write articles online paid is a goal for many and there is a large amount of Ghost writer, web editors, bloggers and columnists.

According to the laws of economics, this leads to oversupply. Result? Lots of competition, low salaries. How to make money writing in this scenario?

Workplace training in writing

Do you want to earn money writing articles online? You have to learn and study.

The study and growth phase is about the importance of not pretending to be a professional writing and web blogging after a few month of writing. In these cases, it takes experience. You have to study and read books to learn how to blog. In reality, this phase goes beyond the written text and extends to consulting, attending webinars and web marketing events.

Learning to write online is not easy. For this, I suggest you start studying with directors books for blogging. A concrete example?

Now you need to learn to write on the Internet

Now is the time to start publishing on the Internet to gain experience. You must get your hands dirty and write articles on the blog, and I assure you it is not easy.

How to earn money by writing? Certainly not improvise: you have to learn the art of SEO writing, good punctuation, syntax and readability.

To write paid articles, you need to gain experience. Open a blog on WordPress, start defining i Google meta tag and your titles. Without forgetting:

  • Readability.
  • Internal links.
  • On your mind.
  • Bold.
  • Italics.

Creating blog posts is not easy. For win with writing online you need to know the basics, but also the characteristics of the SEO writing by Google.

Tag title, Meta Description, day H1, taxonomies, image optimization, readability of the text, titles and subtitles: how do these elements combine?

Do you have to know how to write? Or is it enough to have passion? The answer is clear: no. How To Make Money Writing Articles? We must go further, there is no room for amateurism. It’s a difficult starting point but you have to give quality if you want to invoice.

6 Ways to Write Online and Make Money

The truth is simple: before you make money writing you have to do some training, you have to learn the art of the web writing. In the meantime, you have to make the mess.

Maybe you even have to work for free to figure it out. It is not said, however, that you cannot start earn by writing online. How? ‘Or’ What? Here are the ideas.

Method Advantage Disadvantage
Write messages for customers. It is a profession. It takes time.
Earn money in the markets. Monetize immediately. You earn little.
Affiliate link. Flexible method. There is no margin.
Online journalism. Noble profession. Difficult to make room.
Banner and adsense. You are autonomous. Difficult.
Link sale. We win. You are risking a lot.

With these systems you can find work from home on the internet and write for a sum. We want to deepen? Here’s what you need to know about these aspects of web writing.

Earn Money Writing Paid Articles

This is the best way to make money writing: put your writing skills to work for clients. Make yourself known and start write articles online for businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to be found on Google.

Compared to the work you find on marketplaces, the sites to be earned by writing articles online, here you build your brand, your business. It begins work with your legs. But to market yourself, you need a name. You have to make yourself known.

Find websites to earn money writing

You do training and personal brand. You have to start cashing out. How To Make Money Writing Articles? There are two ways, the first and the easiest is to get involved as an author and make yourself available in the different siti paid to write:

  • Write me.
  • Blasting News.
  • Excellent content
  • o2o
  • TextBroken
  • PaidToWrite
  • TextMaster

These are the best sites for making money writing: useful for starting and setting up the foundation, getting acquainted with and writing paid articles from home (telecommuting). But you can’t earn money writing articles like this. Or at least not only.

Write and earn with affiliations on your blog

A good way to earn by writing articles in order to diversify the turnover. To round it up, you can start writing articles online with affiliate programs: a method that allows you to earn every time someone, by clicking on a link that you followed with your account, you buy something.

It is a flexible system. You can insert the followed link in the blog content, in order to be able to write articles online and win, but the same applies if you share the link on social networks or if you create a dedicated landing page.

Negative aspect of earning online while writing articles for affiliations: It’s not easy to write and earn what you need to live with affiliations.

You work as an online journalist and digital PR

Currently, the work of web journalist it is a particular sector lively, which moves from classic editorial journalism to the world of digital public relations.

You may find yourself at write a press release to send to the editorial staff, a article for an online journal or a paid infomercial.

Writing paid articles online, perhaps from home, is a duty of internet journalism, but it is a very swollen area. We are paid for write newspaper articles online, but it’s hard to get noticed and win.

If you can navigate your way in this world, it can be a good way to work online, but it is difficult to achieve a good level of professionalism and monetization.

Earn money writing with display advertising

A type of The advertisement in which you display an advertising banner of different types. There are dozens of circuits you can use to add paid banners to your blog web pages. What are the best programs for placing advertising on your site?

  • Adsense.
  • LinkWeLove.
  • Payclick.
  • BuySellAds.
  • EBay partner network.
  • Taboola.
  • Outbrain.

Making money writing has never been easier, or at least that’s the first impression: you sign up for programs, like Adsense, add code, you start to charge. Writing paid articles online can also seem superfluous with this technique.

But to make money writing through this technique, it’s not enough to just start a blog and start posting articles. You need to increase the number of visits and attract Internet users to your pages to encourage clicks. In short, a difficult road begins.

Sell ​​nofollow-free links with guest posts and reviews

Let’s face it, you can make money writing on the internet also by selling links to companies that want to do off-page SEO work for their website.

In these cases, if you have a blog with a good level of domain authority you can offer attractive prices and decide for yourself how much to pay for an item. But there is a problem: Google tends to penalize those it works with. connection diagrams Payment.

This also goes for those who want to make money writing reviews based on the exchange of goods. I recommend avoiding this technique and looking to other sources of income. Better to write articles pay for their customers and avoid problems.

Earn money writing: the right price

How much is your writing time worth? Indeed, your experience in the field? The price of an item has always been a hot topic, nobody wants to get out of balance. Because everything is relative, the price of a position cannot be defined a priori.

In my guide to create a good quote, however, I recommend starting with a price. And of add costs of additional services to arrive at a sum.

Therefore, how much does an item cost? You decide the price, we are in a free market. I can’t tell you, but I want to give you some advice: make your experience count.

If you are just starting out, learn it, but if you have the skills to be able to create a product capable of achieve concrete goals (positioning, lead generation, conversions, sharing, connect win) so don’t hesitate: start asking for more.

Read: how many visits does it take to win?

Do you want to earn money from home writing?

The truth is simple: you have to diversify your techniques but you cannot count on The advertisement, affiliations and other methods earn by writing without interacting with customers. Build your brand, market yourself, and sell your blogging skills to those who need inbound marketing. Or to whom he owes create texts for websites, landing page, Sales letter. Do you agree?

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